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Ohhhh yeahhhh!

Grab some pitchers and prepare for a splash of color and sweetness, because it’s time to celebrate with Kool Aid! This vibrant and fun-filled day is as colorful as the iconic drink that has quenched thirst since childhood. Superfan of the classic Cherry flavor? Love experimenting with custom flavor blending? Then, this holiday is a fabulous time to stir up a pitcher of some favorite Kool Aid flavors and get to sipping.

History of Kool Aid Day

Kool Aid is the official soft drink of Nebraska, where the bright beverage has a history as colorful as its many flavors. The story of Kool Aid began in Hastings, Nebraska. That’s where Edwin Perkins, a man with a passion for chemistry and a knack for invention, created a delightful drink. Inspired by another household brand name, Jell-O, Perkins, initially concocted a concentrated drink mix. He called it Fruit Smack. However, the bulky and fragile glass bottles created several distribution headaches. So, in 1927, Perkins had a genius idea – he removed the liquid from Fruit Smack. The result of his innovation was a convenient powdered form that he could package in envelopes. Thus, Kool-Aid was born.

The drink was first sold in wholesale grocery and candy stores at a cost of 10 cents per packet. The original packets featured six flavors: cherry, grape, lemon-lime, orange, raspberry, and strawberry. By 1929, Kool-Aid had made its way into grocery stores across the nation.

During the Great Depression, they had a setback and had to slash the price to five cents a packet. But that made Kool Aid an affordable treat for those with little money to spare.

In 1953, Perkins sold Kool-Aid to General Foods. Soon after, General Foods introduced the iconic Kool-Aid Man, who burst onto the scene with his famous catchphrase, “Oh yeah!” 

Kool-Aid Day is celebrated on the first day of the Kool-Aid Days festival, which is held on the second weekend of August every year in Hastings, Nebraska.

How to Celebrate Kool Aid Day

Celebrating Kool Aid Day is all about fun, creativity, and even a dash of nostalgia. Here are some whimsical and unique ways to enjoy this fun-filled day:

Kool-Aid Mixology

Unleash that inner mixologist by creating brand new Kool-Aid concoctions. Combine different flavors to create a signature drink. How about a “Berry-Lime Blast” or a “Tropical Sunset”? Don’t forget to give those creations quirky names!

Kool-Aid Art

Who says Kool-Aid is only good for drinking? Use different colored drink mix packets as paint for a fun art project – just add a few drops of water. It’s a great way to engage kids in creative activities, and the sweet aroma is a bonus!

Kool-Aid Baking and Cooking

Add the sweet flavor of Kool-Aid to cooking for some colorful and flavorful dishes. How about Kool-Aid frosting to some signature chocolate cupcakes or a tangy Kool-Aid glaze for grilled chicken wings? The possibilities are almost as endless as they are scrumptious.

Kool-Aid Tasting Party

Host a Kool-Aid tasting party with some friends and family. Invite them to sip those classic flavors as well as some exotic custom blends. Rate the flavor combos, debate them, and create a Kool-Aid flavor champion. Give out some funny Kool Aid themed prizes for categories like “Best Flavor,” “Most Colorful,” and even a light-hearted award for the “Epic Fail.”

Kool-Aid Science Experiments

For those with young, curious minds, Kool-Aid can be a fun way to teach the little ones about science. Create a volcano eruption with baking soda, vinegar, and Kool-Aid for a colorful twist on the classic STEM experiment.

Kool-Aid Ice Pops

Beat the heat by making homemade Kool-Aid ice pops. Just mix a favorite flavor with water, pour it into ice pop molds, and freeze them. For an extra twist, add pieces of fruit or layer different flavors for a rainbow effect. It’s an icy cold treat that’s sure to bring smiles to all.

Kool-Aid Tie-Dye Party

Host a Kool-Aid tie-dye party. White shirts, socks, or bandanas can quickly be transformed into vibrant masterpieces using different Kool-Aid colors. It’s an excellent way to get creative and make unique, wearable art. Plus, the process is just as fun as seeing the colorful results.

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