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As much as we all love to celebrate how good we look every day, sometimes we should give a little shout out to the professionals who work tirelessly to get us there. That’s what Lash Stylists’ Day is all about.

Lash stylists, lash technicians, lash artists; whatever you want to call them, they put in the work. If you work in the industry, it’s your day, but everyone is welcome to celebrate these professionals and the long, luscious lashes they help us tame.

History of Lash Stylists’ Day

Lash Stylists’ Day is a recent idea that’s been devised to help offer a shout out and thanks to professional eyelash stylists. It’s designed to both show some love from the many clients and also by those in the industry themselves to celebrate the industry and encourage others to learn more about it.

The event is also designed to highlight the professionalism, entrepreneurial drive and the sheer passion of the women who choose a career as a lash stylish, as well. Despite being a relatively new profession, it’s one that has opened the door for women (or a door that’s been busted open by women) to have a career fuelled by love that offers real opportunity to start businesses and work with other like-minded professionals.

Not only is it a day for stylists and clients to celebrate those who do it for the love of it, but also one that sheds light on the profession and what goes into it. As such, novice and would-be stylists are encouraged to learn more from experienced professionals in the business. In recent years, stylists have even held competitions to show who can do the best lashes in the biz.

How to celebrate Lash Stylists’ Day

It’s the day to show some love to the lash stylist in your life and what better way that to make an appointment with them and show it in person? While you’re there, you might also find that your stylist is holding courses that show you how exactly they do your work, which is a great way to pick up some techniques for when you don’t have time to make an appointment.

Furthermore, the hashtag #lashstylistsday will be exploding all over social media. Following it, you’ll be able to see proud professionals showing off their work, as well as clients posting pictures of the results of all that training, effort and passion.

If you’ve got a picture of your lashes looking fierce, it’s the time to post it with the hashtag, throwing a mention at the stylist responsible for it to give them the props they deserve.

Those in the industry, or at least interested in joining it, can get involved as well. Novices are welcome to join classes from more experienced stylists, picking up more than techniques, but career tips to boost them on their journey, too.

You might even find a local stylist competition, putting the best up against the best, with a prize for whoever is deemed the lash stylist of the year.

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