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Seldom has so much controversy surrounded such a small tube. If anything, National Lipstick Day is intended to celebrate the prolific and gloriously glossy survival of that little stick of colour that has sometimes been equated to a lethal stick of dynamite.

Whether it is seductively adding more pull to a pout, or scrawling a meaningful message on a mirror, lipstick has historically refused to be ignored.

Sarah Bernhardt created some epic scandal by applying lip rouge in public and Queen Victoria considered makeup hugely impolite and intended only to mark the most impolite of women.

Yet, Winston Churchill found lipstick to be a wonderful morale booster and refused to limit its production during WW11. It seems he shared the secret women (and some men) have known for at least 5,000 years. Lipstick adds colour to character, so flaunt your brightest and make National Lipstick Day a huge, marvelously colourful event.

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