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It is the symbol of a fiery personality that is ruled by its passions, a strong-headed person who knows what they want and how to get it. They say the fire inside matches the fire of the hair and, to many, red hair is the very definition of what it means to be Irish.

Rumors have abounded throughout history to describe and define the redhead, but for those who are one, National Love Your Red Hair Day is the time to revel in those unique locks, and truly love your red hair – and everything that comes along with it!

History of National Love Your Red Hair Day

Red hair has truly had its share of myths associated with it, but it might be fun to begin with a few of the most common. Red hair, while common to Ireland, is not native to Ireland. In general, it may be wise to assume that if a person is a redhead of Irish descent, they probably have some Norwegian blood in them.

Red hair, as it turns out, was likely brought to Ireland by the pillaging and rapacious Vikings who hailed from Scandinavia. As they moved in, they left the fire in their hearts in the blood of their wives and slaves, and soon, in the sons and daughters that came from their union. It seems only apt that the same fire that graced their manes should come out in the children – and, in some cases, the attitude to match.

Throughout history, red hair has often not been seen in a positive light. There are many jokes made about redheads not having a soul, and even one tale that comes directly from an old European myth that the red in a person’s hair is from the stolen fires of hell.

But red hair doesn’t only have negative undertones. In fact, it has also been associated with true and drastic beauty that is unique and powerful. Even Cleopatra, the famous Queen of Egypt, is said to have been a redhead. Unsurprising that she was also a bit of a fierce woman, a manipulator, and ultimately ruled by her passions. It might just be a stereotype, but it may also be true that redheads often seem to share some notable qualities with one another!

Love Your Red Hair day encourages everyone to not only pay attention to and remember the myths and histories of redheads, but also to revel in the strength and beauty that is often associated with these flaming locks. Remember, when the world is at your feet, it might be because of blonde hair. But when a person is carried on a palanquin? There may just be a redhead in the midst.

Sometimes called National Redhead Day, this day got its start in 2015 when it was begun by two sisters, Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti. The two sisters from Florida were also the co-founders of the “How to Be a RedHead” company and have published a beauty book by the same title.

The sisters were motivated by the fact that, as young women and natural redheads, they struggled to find beauty products that were appropriate for their skin tone, hair color, and skin sensitivities. So they created their company to test and share the information with the world – or at least with the natural redheads who need it. In addition, they also now have a few products in their own makeup line.

National Love Your Red Hair Day was founded on the same principles, offering redheads support and care so that their natural beauty and fiery locks can shine!

National Love Your Red Hair Day Timeline


Queen Elizabeth takes the throne in England

Though she was famous for wearing wigs, so no one is exactly sure of her hair color, Queen Elizabeth chooses to wear her hair in a fiery red color.[1]


Mark Twain publishes The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

This famous and beloved (and also red-headed) American author, a.k.a Samuel Clemens, publishes his second and possibly most famous book.[2]


Ed Sheeran releases Thinking Out Loud

The first of his million-selling songs, this is a top best selling single of the unassuming redheaded British pop star.[3]


How to Be a Redhead is published

This book, written by the redheaded Vendetti sisters (founders of National Love Your Red Hair Day), offers tips and tricks for people with red hair.[4]

How to Celebrate National Love Your Red Hair Day

Considering some fun ideas for getting involved with National Love Your Red Hair Day? All the redheads, as well as the friends and family who love them, can get started with some of these ideas:

Show Love to a Redhead

Those who have a redhead in their life, who can’t exactly understand the difficulties that come with being a redhead, might want to show them some love and appreciation in honor of National Love Your Red Hair Day. From the multiplication of freckles to a tendency to burn just by getting near the sun, from the endless nicknames to being compared to the Disney princess Ariel, being a redhead can come with some annoyances.

Instead of bugging them or assuming they have a hot temper, let a favorite redhead know how amazing they are – not just for their outward appearance, but also for how incredible they are on the inside.

Oh, and one more small but important thing! Don’t assume they are okay with being called “ginger”. Many redheads say they are kind of sick of it, so show some respect and ask them first before using that nickname.

Make Plans to Attend Redhead Day Festivities

Each year since 2005, unrelated to National Love Your Red Hair Day, but certainly in support of it, a Redhead Day festival has been celebrated. This Dutch summer festival usually takes place on the last weekend in August in a town in the Netherlands. Originally it was held in Asten, then in Breda and then moving on to Tilburg. The Redhead Day festival has grown in popularity over the years, with many thousands of redheaded people in attendance, joining in from more than 80 different countries around the world.

Look Great with Red Hair

Red hair does have some peculiarities to it, though it comes in as many types and styles as any other color. But to truly take advantage of the incredible, and sometimes persnickety color it may be best supported by a professional hairdresser. Go out and take special care of that amazing red hair on National Love Your Red Hair Day. Then, pick up an outfit that truly augments it and let that hairdresser do amazing things with it. Finally, go gather with other redheads and set the world on fire!

National Love Your Red Hair Day FAQs

What country has the most redheads?

Scotland has the highest concentration of redheads in the world at 13% of the population, while Ireland is just behind with 10%.[1]

Can redheads get tan?

Some redheads have trouble tanning and tend to burn instead, so they should be sure to wear proper sunscreen. [2]

Do redheads go gray?

Though redheads probably won’t go gray, their red pigment may fade over time into a light blonde or white. [3]

Why do redheads need more anesthesia?

People with red hair make more of a certain hormone meaning they may need up to 20% more anesthesia than brunettes or blondes.[4]

Can redheads wear red?

Sure! Redheads can wear whatever they want and they’ll look great in it!

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