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Some say that the measure of our lives can be seen in our friends. We have all sorts of friends, best ones, long distance ones and even ones that we call acquaintances. They help us through the bad times and dance along in the good times with us. There are friends who are the family that we choose and we would lay down our lives for. These are the bindings on our hearts that we would never want to get rid of. On Make a Friend Day, we can take the time to perhaps add another to this list of buddies!

History of Make a Friend Day

Friendship is as old as mankind. We have any chances through the year to show those we care for how much they mean to us. There are countless times through the year that we can surround ourselves with all our friends and enjoy their company. Make a Friend Day encourages us to move beyond those set groups and meet new people. Make a connection with someone new who can bring new experiences and fun into your life! On Make a Friend Day you need to reach out and take a chance on your fellow man. I know that the thought of moving out of your comfort zone and trying to make a connection with someone new. The fear of rejection is alive and well in most of us. To battle that fear, look around and see all the great people in your life and have faith that moving forward more great people will be attracted into your environment!

How to celebrate Make a Friend Day

Ready to get started? There are a few different ways that you can look at Make a Friend Day. Do you want to find this year’s new friend in person or on social media? Personally, I would suggest in person but the choice is up to you! Let’s look at that option first. New friends can be found all about you. Spend some extra time in your favorite coffee shop. You might just find more than one new friend catching up on some reading or work while sipping on the specialties of the shop. You have that in common, walk on up and dive in! Don’t be shy, you will never know success unless you try!

More comfortable with the digital side of things, you can take part in the fun as well! How many different social media apps are you using right now? I bet that most, if not all of them, will show you options of people that you can reach out to. They may be friends of your friends or people who live in your area. This will give you a starting point in your conversation. Write a quick note of introduction and send it off! Do this is a handful of users and I am sure that by the end of the day you will have success! This is the best way to celebrate Make a Friend Day!