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National Measure Your Feet Day was invented so that you could give your feet some much-needed attention. It is common for people to forget about their feet when they are thinking of things that they need to check, and this day is there to help you remember.

For example, we all remember that we need to brush and check our teeth to maintain good oral hygiene, we check our underarms for any swelling and various other parts of our body to make sure we are in good health. But, for some reason, many of us end up forgetting about our feet!

While this day may seem bizarre in nature, and you would think it was very strange to have a whole day dedicated to measuring feet, it can actually prove quite useful.

History Of National Measure Your Feet Day

The story behind National Measure Your Feet Day originates in ancient Iceland. Ancient Icelanders spent most of their free time participating in activities that involved their feet, and when spring, a time that is known for extreme rainstorms in Iceland came, the natives would run into their huts and celebrate the rain by measuring their feet. This was a traditional way to celebrate the rainstorms. From there, it became known throughout the world, and National Measure Your Feet Day became a thing beyond Ancient Iceland.

This does sound like a crazy thing to have an entire day dedicated to, but there is an interesting story behind it and one that not a lot of people know about!

How to celebrate National Measure Your Feet Day

So, how can you celebrate this day, though? One of the things that you can do is check the size of your shoes. The size of your shoes and ensuring that you have the correct fit is going to be important in maintaining foot health.

If you have noticed that you have any pain in your foot, it doesn’t matter whether it is in the heel or the toes, this could be a sign that your shoes are too tight. It could also be a sign that your shoes are too loose because even loose shoes can cause your feet to have problems that they wouldn’t experience if you had the right size.

If this is the case for you, measure your feet and then go out and buy the right shoe size! There is no better way to celebrate this day.

Ensure that you are taking exact measurements when you get your tape measure out. Write all the information down so you don’t forget, and then you can be sure you are working with accurate numbers, not estimates from what you can remember. There isn’t much more than you can do to celebrate this day; just make sure that you are measuring your feet, and you are taking part!

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know more about National Measure Your Feet Day, its origins, and how you can take part.

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