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One of the more curious days in the calendar is the annual National Mule Day. Mules may not be quite as common anymore as what they once were, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate them any less. That’s why this day is still celebrated! Want to learn all about this brilliant annual day? Read on to find out more!

Mule day is exactly what you might think it is – it is a day dedicated to mules! The day originated in Columbia Tennessee, which likes to think of itself as the self-proclaimed mule capital in the whole world. Ever since the day originated, back in 1840, the celebrations have spread and now mules are celebrated in many global locations.

History Of National Mule Day

The origins of National Mule Day date back to 1840 when it first started out as a big event for breeders. Back then, it was known as “Breeders Day” and only lasted a single day. However now, many celebrations span a few days, with some areas even spreading their events out over four fun-packed days.

National Mule Day started to take shape into the modern celebrations that people love in the 1930s. Instead of being just a livestock show, a parade and other events were added to the celebrations. Since then, the day has grown in popularity and is now enjoyed as a multi-day event in many regions.

How to celebrate National Mule Day

There are so many great ways to celebrate this special day. If you live close to any organized events, then you could always go and check them out. Some towns feature parades and mule shows, while others will host fairs and barbecues. There are even some events that include fun lumberjack competitions!

It doesn’t matter if you can’t get to an official organized event as there are still plenty of ways you can celebrate National Mule Day in your own home. Some families like to cook up big meals to enjoy together or head out into the garden for a big barbecue.

As there is no definitive food that is eaten on the day, you will be able to enjoy whatever you want, from a pancake breakfast to a chili supper. Lots of families have their own specialties and favorites when it comes to their National Mule Day cooking at home!

At most National Mule Day events, there are often craft stalls and contests. Many people enter various crafts into the contests to see if they can win the prizes that are on offer. If you can’t get to a contest, you might want to spend the day simply working on a creative project. Why not do something mule-related, like crafting a horse plushie?!

Now that you know all about National Mule Day, you can have a lot of fun appreciating these hard-working livestock. Even if we don’t work these animals quite as much as what we once did, we’re sure that you can agree that there’s nothing wrong spending this day spoiling and celebrating them!

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