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The Mummer’s Parade, a festive and colorful celebration, occurs annually on January 1st in Philadelphia. Locals dress in vibrant costumes, play lively music, and perform entertaining skits that draw crowds into a joyful festival.

Thousands of participants from various Mummer clubs parade along Broad Street, making it one of the oldest folk festivals in the United States.

Participants perform for the parade’s audience in different divisions, including Fancy Brigades, Comics, and String Bands.

Fancy Brigades showcase elaborate costumes with intricate designs, while Comics delight the crowd with humorous performances.

The String Bands bring music to life with their lively melodies. The parade reflects Philadelphia’s rich cultural diversity, showcasing the city’s creativity and passion. Judges award prizes to the best clubs in each division, adding a competitive spirit to the day’s festivities.

The Mummer’s Parade is more than just a parade; it’s a celebration of community and tradition. For residents and visitors alike, it is a chance to experience Philadelphia’s unique charm and spirit.

If you’d like to learn more about this celebration, sources such as the official Mummers Museum, Philadelphia government websites, and local newspapers like The Philadelphia Inquirer offer in-depth information about the parade’s history, traditions, and schedule.

History of Mummer’s Parade

The Mummer’s Parade has a rich history, dating back to the late 1800s. It evolved from a blend of European customs brought by immigrants.

These traditions included singing, dancing, and dressing in colorful costumes to welcome the New Year. Early celebrations involved groups of friends gathering to entertain their neighbors with skits and music.

As the years went by, the festivities grew, and people formed clubs to organize larger parades. In 1901, Philadelphia held the first official Mummer’s Parade, and it has become an annual tradition ever since.

The city recognized the popularity and potential of the event, formally organizing it to ensure a safe, family-friendly celebration.

Today, the parade features various clubs competing in different divisions. Participants invest countless hours preparing their costumes and routines. The event has become a beloved Philadelphia tradition that captures the spirit and creativity of its people.

How to Celebrate Mummer’s Parade

Dress to Impress

Get into the spirit of the Mummer’s Parade by donning a quirky costume. Feather boas, sequined jackets, and bright hats will add to the fun.

Don’t be shy—the bolder, the better. Dressing up can make anyone feel like a star and add to the event’s vibrant atmosphere.

Find a Prime Viewing Spot

Head to Broad Street early to grab a spot along the parade route. Front-row seating is highly coveted, but any place with a good view is golden. Bring along some hot cocoa or coffee to keep warm while cheering on the performers.

Learn the Mummer Strut

Dancing is a must, so learn the Mummer Strut. It’s all about rhythm and a carefree attitude. Copy the Mummers’ moves, or invent your own. The important thing is to dance like no one’s watching.

Make a Day of It

Turn the Mummer’s Parade into a full-day celebration. After the parade, head to a nearby restaurant to keep the festive vibes going.

Grab some Philly favorites like cheesesteaks and soft pretzels. The whole city is alive with joy, so make the most of it.

Visit the Mummers Museum

Extend the celebration by visiting the Mummers Museum. The museum offers a fascinating look into the parade’s history.

Marvel at past costumes and displays that tell the story of this unique tradition. It’s an entertaining and educational experience for all ages.

Create Your Own Mini Parade

Invite friends and family to join in the fun by hosting a mini Mummer’s Parade at home. Everyone can show off their colorful outfits and strut around the living room. Add some upbeat music to keep spirits high and let the joy of the parade live on.

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