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Unfortunately, many people do not think about naming their cars. National Name Your Car Day has been set aside especially for those of you who may have forgotten this little ritual.

Learn about National Name Your Car Day

It’s very common for people to name their boats so why is it that some people forget to name their car? Let’s face it, our cars do a lot for us and many of us would be lost without them so why not take the time to think of a good name for your daily companion. If it weren’t for him/her how would you get to work? How would you go shopping? How would you take the kids to soccer practice?

Yes, they are always there for us whenever we need them. Who could ask for more dependability than this.

On National Name Your Car Day take the time to choose a name that your car will be proud of.

History of National Name Your Car Day

National Name Your Car Day is celebrated in many different places all over the world. If you think about it, a lot of us spend more time with our cars than we do most humans. They take us to and from work. They are there for us when we need to get somewhere in an emergency. They never let us down, and so it is only right that we at least award them with a name, right?

Naming our cars makes them seem human! We can remember all of the famous cars in films, especially from the latest Disney and Pixar Cars films. Not only this, but naming our cars can make them seem more intelligent while also helping us to feel safer in the process too. Some people even enjoy talking to their cars while they are on the road, especially when taking a long drive. After all, it can get a bit lonely right? When you consider this, it is not difficult to see why naming your car is a good idea!

How to celebrate National Name Your Car Day

Needless to say, the best way to celebrate National Name Your Car Day is by naming your car! Shock! But how do you go about naming your vehicle? There are a number of different approaches and strategies that you can use in order to come up with the best name for your car, so we are going to take a look at some suggestions to give you a helping hand.

Firstly, if you do a quick search online, you will see that there are a lot of auto websites that have even set-up Name Your Car generators. All you need to do is input a few details and they will come up with a name suggestion for you, so you could try one of these.

If you want to come up with a name yourself, there are a number of different things that you should think about. The first thing you need to do is consider the personality of your car. What does your vehicle look like? Is it a young car or an old one? Does it look like a girl or a boy? Is it a classic car? Perhaps it is a sports vehicle? These are all the sort of things that you should consider when trying to figure out what sort of personality your car has. If you are someone who likes puns and rhymes, you may want to use this when thinking of a name, for example, Rhonda the Honda.

Not only do you need to think about the sort of personality your car has, but you need to consider your own personality as well. After all, there is no point calling your car Speedy, Dash, or Lighting, if you’re someone who is constantly ridiculed for driving slow. Well, you could choose that sort of name out of irony, but it is best to go for something that is in line with your personality too. For example, you can opt for a quirky name if you are a bit of an extrovert. You can also use your loves and interests to think of a name as well. For example, if you are a big fan of a sports team or a lover of music, you can try and tie this into the name you give your vehicle.

You can also use the letters that are in your number plate in order to give you a bit of direction regarding what sort of name you should give your vehicle. For example, if your vehicle has the letters FRD in the number plate, you may decide to call it Fred. If your number plate has the letters SMA, you may decide to call it Samantha. You get the point! Not only is this an effective way of figuring out what to call your vehicle, but it is also an excellent mnemonic for remembering what your license plate is.

If you have still not thought of a name for your car yet, don’t worry; we still have plenty more suggestions to help you out! How about using the color of your vehicle in order to choose the right name for your car? For example, if your car is white, you may decide to call it something like White Rabbit, Marshmallow, Jon Snow, or Frost. If your vehicle is black, some options include Night, Crow, and Black Cat. For silver cars, Onyx, Mercury, and Iron Man are good examples. Do you have a blue car? How about Sonic, Sky, Saphira, Dory, or Bluebird?

If you are a massive fan of video games, books, or movies, you could opt for a fictional character name. This is also a choice to consider if you are someone who is interested in myths and legends. For example, if you are a fan of Game of Thrones, you could opt for something like Sansa, Jaleesi, or Drogo. Or, what about Hodor, your trusted friend who always puts you first and never lets you down? If you are a lover of Harry Potter, you’ve got the likes of Fleur, Sirius, Draco, and Bellatrix. You could decide to go for a Roman or Greek name if you are looking for something different to the norm. Some good examples here include the likes of Hera, Athena, Artemis, and Dionysus. The options are well and truly endless. Maybe you’re a Shakespeare fan? If so, there’s everything from Patience to Oberon, Cassius, and Balthasar.

Not only can you name your car on this date, but there are other ways that you can celebrate National Name Your Car Day. You can, for example, give your car a bit of love and TLC. If you have not washed your vehicle in a very long time, today is the perfect day for you to do so. Or, why not invest in a few little gadgets for your car that are going to improve the functionality of it? There are lots of great car products on the market today for this.

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