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National Build Joy Day is a special occasion focused on spreading kindness and happiness within communities.

It’s a time when people come together to perform acts of generosity, whether big or small, to create joy and uplift spirits.

This day encourages everyone to engage in activities that bring smiles to others, from helping a neighbor to donating to local charities​.

This day is important because it reminds us to take a moment from our busy lives to appreciate and spread joy.

Engaging in acts of kindness not only benefits others but also enriches our own lives.

National Build Joy Day emphasizes the power of positivity and how it can ripple through our communities, creating a more connected and compassionate world.

History of National Build Joy Day

National Build Joy Day began in 2017, and it was created by Taylor Morrison, one of the largest home builders in the United States.

The idea behind this day emerged from the company’s annual holiday giving program, aiming to spread kindness and joy in communities through various philanthropic efforts​​.

In its initial years, the day saw company employees engage in acts of kindness, such as building playgrounds, renovating community gardens, and supporting families in need.

Taylor Morrison encouraged its team members to submit ideas on how they would spread joy if given a grant. Selected ideas received funding to bring these projects to life, resulting in numerous heartfelt initiatives like constructing desks for students and creating blankets for veterans​​.

By 2020, National Build Joy Day gained national recognition, extending beyond the company’s employees to involve the broader community.

People across the country were inspired to participate by performing small acts of kindness or engaging in community service projects.

This expansion aimed to foster a sense of unity and positivity, emphasizing that even small gestures could make a significant impact​.

How to Celebrate National Build Joy Day

The celebration of National Build Joy Day highlights the importance of fostering connections and improving lives through simple, thoughtful actions.

By participating in this day, individuals and organizations can make a significant impact on their communities.

Activities range from building playgrounds and community gardens to organizing donations for those in need. These efforts help strengthen bonds and create a sense of unity and belonging​.

Organize a Kindness Caravan

Why not get a group of friends together and drive around spreading cheer? Hand out snacks, flowers, or cheerful notes to strangers.

Each stop can be a delightful surprise for someone new. Turn your car into a joy mobile, bringing smiles to everyone you meet.

Host a Joyful Gathering

Invite neighbors and friends for a fun-filled party with games, music, and food. Decorate the place with bright, happy colors.

Serve delicious treats and play upbeat tunes. Everyone loves a good party, and this one comes with the bonus of spreading joy.

Create Care Packages

Put together small care packages with essentials and treats and deliver them to shelters, nursing homes, or hospitals.

A little bundle of joy can brighten someone’s day and make them feel cared for. It’s a simple way to show kindness.

Share a Skill

Offer to teach a skill to others, whether it’s cooking, knitting, or playing an instrument. Host a free workshop in your community.

Sharing your talents can inspire others and bring happiness through learning something new together.

Plant a Garden

Gather some friends and plant a community garden. Choose flowers, vegetables, or herbs that everyone can enjoy.

Gardening together can create a beautiful space for everyone to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Write Positive Messages

Write uplifting messages on sticky notes and place them around town. Leave them on bulletin boards, in libraries, or on car windshields.

These little notes can make someone’s day brighter with just a few kind words.

Volunteer Together

Get a group and volunteer at a local charity. Help out at a food bank, animal shelter, or community center. Working together for a good cause can create strong bonds and spread joy to those in need.

Create Art

Organize a community art project. Paint a mural, make a sculpture, or create a mosaic. Public art can beautify a space and spread happiness to everyone who sees it. Plus, creating art together is always fun!

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