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Show some class and get involved with celebrating others who live in the world with grace, poise, style and a sense of humor. People who have class tend to leave a memorable mark on the world around them, often with charm, vibrance and a measure of winsomeness. It’s time to observe National Classy Day! 

History of National Classy Day

Call it stylish and chic, elegant and sophisticated, dashing and posh. Whatever the array of words that are used to describe a person of this type, “classy” is an excellent one that fits them all. The earliest known use of the word “classy” in the English language is from the late 1800s and the notion has grown and developed from there.

National Classy Day was founded to celebrate classy people in general, but it is specifically celebrated on the birthdate of one of the classiest women of the 20th century: Betty White. Born in 1922, White offered the world a deep amount of class without taking herself or life too seriously. She started her long career as a comedian, actress and entertainer first appearing on the radio in 1939, moved over to television by 1949 and on to the silver screen by 1962. White’s career spanned a record-making 82 years and the world mourned deeply when this classy woman passed away in December of 2021 at the age of 99, less than three weeks away from what would have been her 100th birthday.

In the spirit of this remarkable woman Betty White, National Classy Day acts as a reminder for people to live their lives with joy, wit and grace!

How to Celebrate National Classy Day

Live a Classy Life

Because being classy is a state of being, it’s not just something a person can conjure up overnight! It requires some serious work to act with grace and kindness even in the most adverse of circumstances. Being classy requires building a certain amount of self-discipline, living generously, keeping promises and living up to obligations. It means being a good friend, family member, community member and citizen of the world. National Classy Day is a great opportunity to spend time reflecting on how some of these characteristics might be better built into each day.

Consider Some Classy People

While men can be classy too, somehow it’s a term that is more often used to describe women. In honor of National Classy Day, in addition to Betty White, consider some of these famous figures who have exampled class:

  • Barbara Bush. Even before she was the First Lady to the 41st US President, Bush always exhibited charm with her frugal modesty in fashion and strong, generous heart for people.
  • Dolly Parton. Coming up from a relatively poor background, this iconic country music star has overcome the odds and lived a classy life of spirited generosity, even if her wardrobe choices are admittedly a bit on the tacky side.
  • Julia Child. Recognized for bringing French food to the average American home, this “French Chef” was always good for enthusiasm, a laugh, and a clumsy bit of charm.

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