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Get involved with National #DogsInYellow Day by raising awareness and taking care around dogs who have anxiety, whether from trauma or for other reasons. Help every dog live in a safe and happy environment by celebrating this day! 

History of National #DogsInYellow Day

National #DogsInYellow Day got its start in 2022 through the visionary creator and pet lover, Sarah Jones. The motivation behind Jones establishing the day came from a time when her dog, Bella, was a puppy and was attacked by a larger dog. As a result, understandably Bella became anxious and nervous when other dogs were around, lunging and growling at them out of fear.

Jones desired a way to help humans understand the nervousness of anxious dogs instead of upset by it, so she created the #dogsinyellow campaign through social media. Her idea was to raise awareness about the struggles that some dogs like Bella face and show a sign – by dressing them in yellow. Because yellow is seen as a color of caution (think yellow yield signs or yellow traffic lights), the idea is meant to indicate that people should be more careful and attentive around dogs who are wearing yellow.

Certainly the purpose of celebrating National #DogsInYellow Day and dressing dogs in yellow is not to create a stigma around them. Instead, the notion is to give plenty of warning to others that a particular dog may not like socializing and distance should be kept.

National #DogsInYellow Day is also closely aligned with and supported by the company, My Anxious Dog, with the hope of a future where all dogs can lead happy lives in an accepting community.

How to Celebrate National #DogsInYellow Day

Show some care and protection for anxious dogs by observing National #DogsInYellow Day with some of these ideas and activities:

Dress a Dog in Yellow

Those pet owners who have dogs that struggle with anxiety may be interested in celebrating by dressing their dog in yellow. From a yellow sweater or raincoat, depending on the weather, to a yellow ribbon or collar, National #DogsInYellow Day offers the ideal opportunity for people to communicate to the world that their pets might need some extra space.

Learn More About Dogs with Anxiety 

One of the best ways to celebrate National #DogsInYellow Day might be to learn a bit more about dogs who have anxiety and how to best care for them in the local community. For instance, consider learning and sharing some of these important facts in honor of the day:

  • Some dog breeds are particularly prone to anxiety, especially those with high energy. Though not every dog of these breeds will be anxious, take care around breeds such as Basset Hounds, Dalmations, German Shepherds, Standard Poodles, Siberian Huskies and others.

  • Dogs might get help with their anxiety through training. Some dogs can be deconditioned, unlearning phobias and triggers so check with a dog trainer or veterinarian to learn more.

  • The leading cause for dog anxiety is noise and fear. Anxious doggies are not bad puppies but they need extra care to help them feel safe and comfortable in new surroundings, near loud noises, or even when introduced to new humans.

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