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A party without cake is just a meeting.

Julia Child

With the assumption that everyone is eating dessert on the regular, this day encourages people to embrace life a little more. It’s time to learn about and celebrate National Eat an Extra Dessert Day!

History of National Eat an Extra Dessert Day

Life can get a little bit hectic and stressful. Of course, exercising, eating right and practicing meditation are all ways to engage in a healthier lifestyle that can make people happier. But one other way to be filled with joy is to embrace and celebrate certain days of the year. And one day that’s certainly worth embracing is National Eat an Extra Dessert Day!

Well, since it’s the name of the day, then who can really argue? Go ahead and get that second scoop of ice cream, add another cookie to the stack, or grab a fork and try out the other flavor of pie. Whatever kind of dessert is on the menu for the day, this is the time to really live it up and enjoy another one.

How to Celebrate National Eat an Extra Dessert Day

A whole lot of delicious fun can be found in National Eat an Extra Dessert Day. Here are some fun ideas to try out for celebrating the day:

Eat an Extra Dessert, Of Course!

Obviously, the name of the day tells everyone exactly what to do in order to celebrate. So go on and pile that extra slice of pie or cake onto the plate and enjoy it! Want to mix it up a bit? Go ahead and enjoy two different types of desserts on this day.

Share an Extra Dessert with Someone

While eating that extra dessert might be tasty, it’s much more fun when it is shared with someone you care about. In fact, this is a great day to make an extra dessert (or buy one), whether it’s a cake, a pie or a cheesecake. Then, when telling friends and family members that today is National Eat an Extra Dessert Day, everything will be fully ready with an extra dessert for everyone!

Learn Some Fun Facts About Dessert

In celebration of National Eat an Extra Dessert Day, share some fun bits of trivia with family members or coworkers. Try these out for starters, or come up with some of your own:

  • The word “dessert” is derived from a French verb desservir that means “to clear the table”. Originally, these bits of sweetmeats served with spiced wines were offered to guests who were standing up after they had left the table so the servants could clean up.

  • Desserts in the past were often for wealthy people. A sugar sculpture made in the 16th century could cost about as much as an average person’s wage for the year.

  • Queen Victoria of England, who got married in 1840, had a wedding cake that was a single-tier fruit cake and weighed a whopping 300 pounds. It was covered in white icing and had busts of the couple on top.

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