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Picnics, Cookouts, Grill Parties and Beer Gardens. Take a little time to enjoy a meal out in the open air in honor of National Eat Outside Day!

History of National Eat Outside Day

Humans have probably been eating outside ever since time and history began. But even after people started having homes indoors, the idea of dining outside had its place. During Medieval Times, for practical reasons people would pack foods and take them along with them on hunting parties.

During the 17th century, beer gardens were created in Bavaria, which is now Germany. It is likely that picnics later became popular in the United States some time in the 18th century when settlers would host parties in their private “pleasure gardens”. The idea would eventually grow into something that average people would enjoy in a local park, forest or green space.

Some researchers believe that one version of outdoor dining in the United States may have started in Coney Island, New York. The park’s first roller coaster was introduced in 1884 and people loved spending time outside, so restaurateur Charles Feltman wedged a sausage between bread for people to eat on the go. Thus, one of the easiest and most popular foods to eat outside, the hot dog, was born.

And National Eat Outside Day is here to celebrate all of the fun!

How to Celebrate National Eat Outside Day

Eating outdoors can be accomplished in a variety of ways in celebration of National Eat Outside Day. Try out some of these ideas to get started:

Go on a Picnic

One delightful way to enjoy National Eat Outside Day is to invite some friends and family members, pack up a picnic and head out to a park, beach or other enjoyable space. Fill a basket full of all kinds of delicious outdoor-friendly foods, such as fried chicken, deli sandwiches, cut fruit like watermelon or apples, potato salad, sliced vegetables with hummus dip, and some homemade cookies or pie for dessert. And don’t forget the picnic blanket to sit on!

Eat on a Restaurant Patio

Since National Eat Outside Day takes place in summertime, it’s a great time to eat outside at a favorite restaurant. Many restaurants, whether they serve barbecue sandwiches or Italian meals, offer an outdoor area where they seat patrons during the warmer months. Call ahead to make a reservation, just in case others also have the same idea in honor of the day!

Host a Grill Party

One of the most popular ways that people love to celebrate National Eat Outside Day is to invite a few friends or neighbors over to have a barbecue. Fire up that barbecue grill and layer it with all sorts of outdoorsy foods, like hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, sausages, chicken breasts, shrimp and more. Other foods that can be cooked on the grill include corn on the cob, shish kebabs, vegetables like zucchini or squash, and even cheese that can be warmed on the grill.

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