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National Feel The Love Day marks the day when cupids are busier slinging their arrows than they’ve been…well…since Saint Valentine’s Day.

While those cupids are fluttering around you, you’ll start to believe that love truly is in the air. It’s a day to celebrate love in all its forms. 

The kind that gives you butterflies in your belly. The kind that forever joins you with your friends and family.

The kind that shows up as sweet affection you share with your furriest friends. It’s a day to rejoice in all things that make our hearts sing and lives a little bit brighter.

History of National Feel The Love Day

The origins of National Feel The Love Day are as mysterious as love is, itself. No one knows exactly who started National Feel The Love Day.

But that makes sense. After all, love is an eternal mystery. It is also a timeless theme in the annals of human history.

From the earliest paintings to Shakespeare’s sonnets, expressing love has always been a constant in the human story. 

Artists, poets, and musicians have long been inspired by love. They have used their arts to channel emotions into creations that have withstood the test of time.

While modern in its celebration, National Feel The Love Day taps into this ancient and universal human experience.

How to Celebrate National Feel The Love Day

Celebrating National Feel The Love Day should make you and your loved ones feel all warm and squishy inside. Here are a few ways you can spread joy and love:

Share Romantic Gestures Galore on National Feel The Love Day

Elevate your romantic gestures beyond the usual. Plan a scavenger hunt leading to a special location that holds meaning for both of you. The game can end with a luxurious candlelit dinner.

Or you can write a series of love letters, each expressing a different reason why you cherish your partner. Then, hide them in plain sight – right where they’ll find them throughout the day.

Celebrate the Loving Bonds of Your Family Ties

Beyond a family get-together, create a family memory book. Ask each person in your family to contribute a photo or memento that represents a cherished family memory.

They can also share a short story or note explaining it better. This fosters a sense of family unity. Perhaps more importantly, together, you create a keepsake that can be treasured for years to come.

Pamper Your Pets (Because Pets Are Family, Too!)

Create a mini-adventure or ‘spa day’ for your pet. This could include a special grooming session. It might also mean visiting a new dog park or setting up a playful obstacle course in your backyard. It’s a way to show appreciation for the unconditional love your pet brings to you.

Celebrate Friendships on National Feel The Love Day

Organize a themed virtual hangout or game night if you can’t meet in person. Choose activities or games that reflect shared interests or past experiences, creating a fun and engaging way to connect and celebrate your friendship.

Don’t Forget to Pamper Yourself

Plan a self-care day with activities that feed your soul. This could include attending a yoga class. But you don’t need to leave home. How about preparing a healthy and indulgent meal for yourself? Or starting a journal to express gratitude and self-reflection?

Surprise Others with a Few Random Acts of Kindness

Extend kindness to your community to share even more love. A few things to try:

  • Volunteering at a food bank
  • Working in a community garden
  • Feeding or walking dogs at the animal shelter

These acts of service are a powerful way to spread love and positivity.

Connect with Nature

Spend the day outdoors, in nature. The fresh air can be incredibly rejuvenating and a beautiful way to connect with the world around you.

You might enjoy taking a day trip for a hike or swim at the beach. Or, you could keep it simple and enjoy a brisk walk in a local park. Either way, being in nature can enhance your appreciation for the world’s natural beauty. It also becomes a peaceful space for reflection.

Artistic Expression of Love

Host a National Feel The Love Day art event. During this get-together, you and your loved ones create artwork expressing what love means to each of you. This can be done through:

  • Painting
  • Writing music or lyrics
  • Crafting
  • Poetry
  • Digital art.

It’s a unique way to visualize and share your feelings of love and appreciation.

Memory Lane Movie Night

Create a personalized movie night featuring videos and photos from memorable moments shared with loved ones.

Compile clips from family events or trips with friends. Also remember some everyday moments that captured your laughter and love. This can be a wonderful trip down memory lane. Who knows? You might even start a new tradition.

Remember that love is now only about grand gestures. Rather, it continues to flow in abundance from your sincere actions from the heart.

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