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Paramedics, ambulance drivers, firefighters and EMTs all deserve a little bit of love and affection every day! But National First Responders Day offers a special opportunity for showing thanks and appreciation to these men and women who are ready to play a crucial part in saving lives whenever the need arises.

History of National First Responders Day

Emergency medical services are on the job when something bad happens. Before even getting to the hospital, these workers meet people at a vital time that can mean the difference between life and death, trained to help in whatever the crisis might be.

The history of first responders in the US dates back to the Civil War, when field workers would provide needed, on-site care to wounded soldiers. But this idea dates even further back to Europe, during the Napoleonic Wars, where lightweight wagons delivered the wounded to field hospitals.

According to historical records, the first civilian ambulance in the United States was put into service in 1865, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since then, modern Emergency Medical Services (EMS) systems have developed over time to include the range available today: fire services, ambulances, helicopters,

National First Responders Day was originally made official in the state of Colorado in 2017. Since then, the popularity of the day has continued to grow to other states and, with the support of the All Clear Foundation, has made a number of strides in getting recognized.

How to Celebrate National First Responders Day

National First Responders Day is a great cause that is a delight to get involved with. Tons of opportunities are available, including some of these:

Thank a First Responder

Send a thank you note to a first responder who was helpful in a difficult situation. If they can’t be thanked by name, perhaps a note can be sent to their precinct to let them know how helpful they have been and how much their availability is appreciated.

Host a National First Responders Day Event

Those who are well connected in their communities might want to consider holding an event in honor of National First Responders Day, held at a local school, library or community center. Coordinate with local fire departments, Emergency Medical Services providers, police departments and more to get organized. Then invite the community to get involved with their support and appreciation to the variety of first responders who are such an important part of keeping everyone safe and healthy!

Support the All Clear Foundation

Working to provide resources, build support and create partnerships that benefit the community and those working in the field of first responders, the All Clear Foundation is a charitable organization. They work to improve the overall wellbeing of those who serve their communities through first responder jobs.

Getting involved with the All Clear Foundation for National First Responders Day can be as simple as making a donation to the organization or volunteering to help raise awareness and sharing resources with the world. Opportunities range from raising donations on Facebook to using AmazonSmile to taking advantage of employer match programs.

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