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The term ‘ace’ is representative of those whose identities fit within the asexual spectrum. Generally, this refers to people who usually do not experience sexual attraction and who do not desire sexual contact. Like other orientations, asexuality acts as a bit of an umbrella for a range or spectrum of experiences, including graysexual and demisexual

Ace Week shines a spotlight on the unique aspects of individuals who identify on the asexual spectrum, offering opportunities for increased awareness, education and insight.

History of Ace Week

Originally called Asexual Awareness Week, this event was founded in 2010 by Sara Beth Brooks with the purpose of promoting awareness about those individuals who are on the asexual spectrum. Aligned with the LGBTQIA+ movement, Ace Week is meant to offer opportunities to have conversations and events where asexuality is put in the forefront.

Ace Week takes place as an annual event that is considered to be partly a celebration of the progress that asexual people have made so far, while partly a campaign that acknowledges the need for greater acceptance and understanding for those on the asexual spectrum. The hope for the week is to continue to improve communication and public awareness, supporting and encouraging those who are on the asexual spectrum.

How to Celebrate Ace Week

Ace Week provides an ideal opportunity to start conversations, overcome misconceptions and improve the overall understanding of what it means to be asexual. From reading books with asexual characters to participating in local activities, there are lots of ways to celebrate this event! Get started with some of these ideas:

Attend an Ace Week Event

Whether online or in person, Ace Week organizers all over the country have prepared events which allow people to get more involved with the community. Find out through local sources or check out the Ace Week website to get information about local gatherings, online meetings and more ways to get involved with supporting this week. From seminars and guest speakers to book clubs and art exhibits, the events calendar is full of all sorts of opportunities to participate. 

Get Connected with Ace Groups Online

One good way to participate with Ace Week is to get connected on social media with the various groups of people who identify as asexual. The community leaders on the various platforms offer insight into the Ace community as well as highlighting different activists in different cities throughout the nation. Getting connected online through Facebook, Instagram and more is a great way to bridge the gap of loneliness and isolation that may occur when someone identifies on the asexual spectrum.

Support an Ace Nonprofit Organization

Those who want to be more connected with the cause of Ace Week can get involved by volunteering with or making a donation to an asexual support organization. TAAAP (The Ace and Aro Advocacy Project) and AVEN (Asexual Visibility and Education Project) are two of the many organizations out there that show support and provide resources for individuals and groups.

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