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Anyone who has ever listened to a CB radio – or perhaps just those who have watched a show from the 1970s that featured over-the-road truckers in America – will recognize the phrase “10-4 Good Buddy”. National Good Buddy Day is here to show some nostalgic appreciation for this silly but meaningful little phrase! 

History of National Good Buddy Day

While this day might sound like it only exists in pop culture, the truth is that this day was founded by one of the most powerful men on the planet in his time, United States President Jimmy Carter!

The phrase “10-4 Good Buddy” had become popular along with the surge of CB (Citizens Band) radios that truckers and other drivers would place in their vehicles, giving them the ability to communicate in an era prior to car phones or cell phones. When the CB radios were first invented, there was a series of codes that acted as a shorthand to reduce the length of the messages. These codes include popular messages such as:

  • 10-9 – please repeat your last message
  • 10-10 – transmission complete, standing by
  • 10-20 – what’s your location
  • 10-200 – police are needed

And, of course, the most memorable message on this list? 10-4 meant “message received”. Adding the “Good Buddy” on was just a bonus term of endearment.

So, in 1978, when the over-the-road truckers were working hard to carry freight to the people of America, President Carter decided to honor them by declaring October 4 (10/4) as 10-4 Day. The event has been going on, albeit less officially and no longer designated by the White House, for more than 40 years.

While technology moved on and CB use faded somewhat, the idea for this event was brought back around in an unexpected manner. It was in 2004 that a snowboarder, looking for a clever way to kick off the season, decided to bring the 10-4 phrase back into use and named it National Good Buddy Day.

This time around, the purpose was less about eighteen wheelers and, as the name suggests, it was more about celebrating friends who are just very good buddies!

How to Celebrate National Good Buddy Day

Have some fun and enjoy a little blast from the past by celebrating National Good Buddy with all sorts of fun ideas!

Reach Out to a Good Buddy

National Good Buddy Day is a great time to call or message a friend. While it’s more likely they’ll get the message through a computer or a cell phone than a CB radio, “10-4 Good Buddy” still seems like the right thing to say!

Try Out a CB Radio

While these radios have certainly taken a back seat since the more convenient invention of the cell phone, CB radios are still in use with certain pockets of people who appreciate the throwback of this near antiquity. In addition, they are still used by truckers and off-roaders because it is much easier to use a CB microphone while driving than it is to operate a mobile phone. In honor of National Good Buddy Day, think of an old friend who has a CB radio and see if it’s possible to give it a try!

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