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For more than a century, Graham Crackers have been a classic American snack food staple that is a vital part of the recipe for the iconic campfire “S’mores”. Learn about the history of the graham cracker and celebrate the delicious treat for National Graham Cracker Day!

History of National Graham Cracker Day

A classic American snack, it makes sense that graham crackers were invented in the United States and continue to be most popular there. A little on the sweet side, some people might consider it to taste more like a cookie than a cracker.

Created in the 1820s in New Jersey by Presbyterian Minister Sylvester Graham, the graham cracker originated as part of his radical vegetarian diet. The “Graham Diet”, which avoided white flour and spices, used graham flour, which was a coarsely ground version of whole wheat flour.

Although the Graham Diet seemed to mostly die away, the recipe for graham crackers continued in common use. By 1925, the National Biscuit Company (which would later become Nabisco) began making Honey Graham Crackers. Since then, many other companies have gotten on board, including Keebler, Annie’s and Kodiak Cakes.

National Graham Crackers Day is celebrated on July 5 in honor of Reverend Graham, the namesake of this tasty snack.

How to Celebrate National Graham Cracker Day

Celebrating National Graham Cracker Day can be loads of fun by adding a few of these delightful treats to the day. Try out some of these ways to observe:

Enjoy Eating Graham Crackers

Pop open a box of delicious graham crackers and enjoy a few. Although they are often eaten by children, this is a great day to enjoy some nostalgia! Far from boring, Graham Crackers now come in a few different varieties, including Cinnamon Grahams, Low Fat Honey Grahams, Teddy Grahams, and even Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Grahams.

Though they do have some carbs and sugar, when paired with a tasty source of protein, fiber and healthy fats, graham crackers can make a delicious and nutritious snack.

Try Making Graham Crackers at Home

Tasty graham crackers don’t have to come from a box! They can be made at home with ingredients that most people have in their kitchens. Start out with whole wheat flour, brown sugar, cinnamon, baking soda and salt. Mix in butter with a pastry blender, or with the fingers. Then add a mixture of milk, honey and vanilla extract, stirring in until a dough forms. Chill.

Roll out the dough to approximately ¼ inch and cut with a pizza cutter, then score and prick with a fork to make the holes. Bake the crackers, cool and enjoy!

Make Some S’mores

What could be a more delightful way to eat graham crackers than with toasted marshmallows and chocolate melted between them? Enjoy National Graham Cracker Day by building a little campfire (or use the barbecue grill) and getting super sticky with some delicious S’mores. 

Take a peek at more ideas for National S’mores Day here.

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