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A delightfully refreshing and healthful citrus fruit, the different varieties of the grapefruit, from white to yellow to pink, offer a range of sweetness or tartness that are certainly worth celebrating. National Grapefruit Month is here to show some love and appreciation for this unique fruit! 

History of National Grapefruit Month

Many people don’t realize that the grapefruit is actually a hybrid fruit that didn’t originally occur in the wild. Instead, it was an accidental blend of the pomelo and the sweet orange, originating on the island of Barbados in the 1700s. The grapefruit became popular throughout the West Indies before it made its way to some of the warmer climate states of the US in the late 1800s.

While the growing season for this fruit is limited in some climates, parts of California and Texas are warm enough to have a year-round season for grapefruit. Other US producers of grapefruit include Florida and Arizona, but their seasons are shorter. And, of course, these yummy fruits can be grown in various other parts of the world as well.

National Grapefruit Month takes place each year in the month of February with the purpose of reminding folks how important it is to enjoy healthy citrus fruits with essential vitamins and nutrients!

How to Celebrate National Grapefruit Month

Get involved with National Grapefruit Month by implementing some of these plans to observe and celebrate:

Eat A Grapefruit

Enjoy a healthy and nutritious grapefruit as part of a breakfast meal, for a snack or even as dessert. And, many times, grapefruits are so large that they can be shared with a family member, roommate or some other friend! Cut the grapefruit in half to eat it, and enjoy it by separating the sections with a fork or spoon. Some people even appreciate having a special spoon with jagged edges that can be used just for eating this fruit.

Some grapefruits can be particularly sour if eaten straight, so one serving suggestion would be to sprinkle some sugar on top. Others might prefer to counterbalance the sourness with a bit of salt.

Learn Fun Facts about Grapefruit 

Have loads of fun in celebration of National Grapefruit Month by learning a few interesting tidbits of information and then sharing them in honor of the day. Check out some of these little facts about this month’s favorite citrus fruit to get started with:

  • The Jamaican farmer who named this citrus fruit called it that because he noticed that the pieces of fruit grew in clusters similar to grapes, though admittedly much larger. The clusters can be as large as 25 pieces of the fruit.

  • The Ruby Red Grapefruit was the first to receive a US patent after it was accidentally discovered by citrus growers in Texas in 1929.

  • A grapefruit tree can grow from between 30 feet to as high as 50 feet tall, but many growers prune them to keep them shorter and make harvesting easier.

  • The first grapefruit tree in the US was planted in Florida and was mostly used as a novelty point for tourists in its early days.

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