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A unique category in the world of alcoholic beverages, liqueur is a distilled spirit. Though the name is similar (and it is sometimes even made from liquor), liqueur is different from liquor in that it is sweeter. Liqueurs are mainly used as a flavoring agent in mixed drinks and they also may be enjoyed as after dinner drinks. 

National Liqueur Day offers a time to learn about and celebrate everything related to this delicious category of drinks!

History of National Liqueur Day

Fortified spirits have a history that goes way back to at least 400 BC when the Egyptians would use distilled wine to produce beverages. Sometimes they were mixed with honey, which would produce mead in the same process that is still used today. 

As it turns out, the word liqueur comes from the Latin word “liquifacere” which means to liquefy. Other names for liqueurs might include cordials or schnapps. 

Today, in order to be categorized as a liqueur, the sugar content must reach a minimum of 2.5%, which is why it is often served as a dessert drink. Some of the most popular and well-known liqueurs of today include Kahlúa, Baileys Irish Cream, Amaretto, Crème de menthe, Angostura Bitters, Limoncello and many others.

National Liqueur Day was founded to celebrate this wide range of delicious distilled drinks that bring flavor and enjoyment to the world!

How to Celebrate National Liqueur Day

National Liqueur Day is a simple and easy day to get involved with–just as long as everyone is of legal drinking age and remembers to drink responsibly! Try out some of these ideas for celebrating the day:

Order a Drink Made with Liqueur

In honor of National Liqueur Day, substitute that usual beer or martini with a drink that is made from liqueur. Try out a White Russian made with Kahlúa and cream, a classic Amaretto sour, or a Cosmopolitan that includes vodka and cranberry juice as well as being made with Cointreau.

Not sure what sounds good in the world liqueurs? That’s okay! Just sidle up to the bar, remind the bartender that it’s National Liqueur Day and ask them what they would recommend!

Try Making Drinks with Liqueur

Those who are feeling a bit more adventurous when it comes to tending bar at home might want to try out some recipes for drinks that include liqueurs. In fact, this would be a great time to host a National Liqueur Day party! Have guests bring some of their favorite liqueur-based drink recipes and try out some unique and interesting ways to enjoy mixed drinks.

Learn Fun Facts About Liqueur

Sharing bits of trivia about the guest of honor on National Liqueur Day is a fun way to celebrate. Learn some of these fun facts and share them with friends, family or coworkers (over an after-work drink!) in honor of the day:

  • One very popular liqueur is Grand Marinier, which was created in 1880. Cesar Ritz was so impressed by it that he immediately began serving it at his famous hotels.

  • Liqueurs are not aged very long – certainly not as long as wines or liquors. But they do include ‘resting’ stages in the production process that allows the flavors to marry together.

  • All liqueurs are made as blends.

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