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Perhaps The Beatles knew what they were talking about when John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote the song “Love is All You Need”. Or maybe it is true what Bob Merrill wrote in the song “Love Makes the World Go ‘Round”.

Or, for some people, maybe the song “You Call It Madness But I Call It Love” is the one that describes their relationship. In any case, National Lover’s Day is here for the celebration of love and lovers!

History of National Lover’s Day

It’s true that there are many days that encourage the appreciation of love. But isn’t love worth it all?!

To keep love alive, it’s helpful to have reasons throughout the year to enjoy and celebrate one another, whether it’s a new relationship or one that has grown sweeter over the years. Of course, there is Valentine’s Day and also Sweetest Day as well as birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate those you love.

And now, National Lover’s Day is here to function as another reminder that love truly is what makes the world go ‘round!

How to Celebrate National Lover’s Day

Have a delightful time celebrating National Lover’s Day with some of these ideas:

Show Some Love

Write a note, paint a picture, give a gift, say loving words or share a song. Whatever creative ways there are, National Lover’s Day is the right time to get inspired and share. Celebrate your lover and your love with a romantic dinner, a weekend getaway or just an evening at home together.

Watch a Romantic Movie

A surefire way to get in the mood for love is to observe a romantic story about the various difficulties that other lovers have overcome in order to have a happy ending. Whether fictitious or biographical, catching a movie about love is a fun way to take part in National Lover’s Day.

It’s difficult to narrow it down, of course, but here is a list with some ideas for movies about love (from various decades) to get started with:

  • Pride & Prejudice (2009). Several different versions of this incredible Jane Austen narrative can be found telling this beautiful story where the main characters can’t stand each other and then fall in love. This one features Keira Knightly and Matthew Macfayden.
  • Love Jones (1997). A fateful meeting in Chicago brings two artists (a poet and a photographer) together. Though the film, starring Nia Long and Larenz Tate was a box office sleeper, it’s definitely worth revisiting.
  • When Harry Met Sally (1989). A story of deep friendship that turns into a lifelong love. This romantic comedy has plenty of laughs as well as heartfelt romance with this classic pairing of Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, along with an incredible soundtrack from Harry Connick, Jr.
  • Casablanca (1942). This classic film has all of the makings of a perfect love story: sacrifice, intrigue, secrecy, patriotism, warfare admiration and much more. Starring the venerable Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

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