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Is it tennis? Is it ping pong? Is it badminton?

No…it’s pickleball!

Incorporating some of the ideas from these games, using paddles, a net, and a plastic ball, pickleball can be played in a backyard on a makeshift court, or on a professional court whether indoors or outdoors.

With a guarantee of fun as well as a good bit of exercise, National Pickleball offers a delightful opportunity for enjoyment and health benefits too. So grab a friend or three and get on board with celebrating this day!

History of National Pickleball Day

Pickleball was developed in the summer of 1965 by some friends in the Pacific Northwest. Originally played by adults or children in the backyard, pickleball has grown in popularity and now even has its own national organization: the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA). With simple rules and low-key equipment, the game offers exercise and fun like tennis, but it’s a bit lower maintenance and perhaps taken a bit less seriously.

Now, with more than 3.5 million folks supporting the sport, pickleball continues to grow in scope and popularity throughout North America and even all over the globe.

National Pickleball Day was established in 2021 by pickleball instructor Dierdre Morris. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness for the game and encourage more people, young and old, to consider playing this amazing sport! In the US, this day is celebrated on August 8, while it takes place in Canada a few days later, on August 12. In the month of April, fans can celebrate National Pickleball Month.

How to Celebrate National Pickleball Day

Those who are just learning about pickleball or who have been avid fans for years are invited to celebrate National Pickleball Day. Get started and get involved with some of these ideas:

Find a Pickleball Court

The equipment for pickleball is simple, just an affordable racket and a cheap plastic ball. But some people might be wondering where to play! With a court that is the same size as a badminton court for doubles, pickleball courts can often be found associated with tennis courts. These courts might be included in a tennis club or indoor gym that requires a fee to join, or they are now even beginning to pop up in local parks and other spaces that are free to use.

Check out the online resource offered by Pickleheads to find access to local courts as well as to discover games nearby or recruit players.

Become a Competitive Pickleball Player

Forget playing at Wimbledon or the US Open! Instead, become a professional, competitive pickleball player. Those sporty types who just love the game may find that this is the career route for them – or perhaps it’s just a fun side gig.

Either way, to get headed in the right direction, first join a local pickleball club that supports tournaments and then become a master at the game. Participate in tournaments and ladder leagues, and don’t forget to attend plenty of events where it’s possible to watch the pros. Those who are serious about the sport can get a coach, work hard, and may even find themselves becoming a pickleball champion!

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