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Keep track of memories and pass them down from generation to generation by collecting items and photos and putting them into a scrapbook. Join in on the fun as a new scrapbooker or learn new skills as an expert when celebrating National Scrapbook Day!

History of National Scrapbook Day

This concept of making scrapbooks and friendship albums dates back several centuries to 15th century England. During this time, various people would collect letters, poems, recipes, drawings, certificates, quotes or even pressed flowers that they would place in books to keep their important memories together. These scrapbooks were often shared with visitors or guests when they came to a family home. Guests were sometimes asked to sign the book and include a personal note.

Since that time, scrapbooking has grown and changed, especially as the development of the photographic process made it possible for people to include pictures in their scrapbooks. In addition, paper, notebooks and albums became more accessible to more people. Newspaper clippings also began to be included as mementos of these large and bulky albums. Even US president Thomas Jefferson kept a scrapbook album of the newspaper clippings of his presidency!

In the 1980s, scrapbooks began to make an upswing again and in 1981 the first official scrapbooking store was opened, called Keeping Memories Alive, located in Spanish Fork, Utah. As the popularity of scrapbooking grew over the next decade, it became one of the fastest growing hobbies in the US.

What had originally started out as an individual hobby turned into a social event, with people hosting scrapbook parties and collaborating on their projects. National Scrapbook Day began in 1994 when it was founded by the Creative Memories foundation. The day is celebrated on the first Saturday in May each year, making it possible to celebrate in a variety of ways!

How to Celebrate National Scrapbook Day

Get involved with observing and celebrating National Scrapbook Day with some of these ideas for activities:

Start a New Scrapbook

Those who are new to scrapbooking might want to head over to a paper or scrapbooking store and gather up some supplies to make a scrapbook in honor of National Scrapbook Day. Don’t forget to pick up an album and get some photos printed to include into the album. Gather up some ticket stubs, poems, coasters, show programs and other meaningful memorabilia that can be incorporated in a collection of memories.

Host a Scrapbooking Party

National Scrapbook Day is a perfect excuse to gather a group of friends who are interested in making memory books. Invite some guests to bring their supplies and gather around a large table, either in a home or a booked common space such as a library or coffee shop.

This type of scrapbooking event might be an especially good time for avid scrapbookers to share their resources, such as cutting plotters, special scissors, or archive quality scrapbook markers and felt tip pens. Have tons of fun sharing and getting inspired in honor of National Scrapbook Day!

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