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It’s a simple cocktail, proving that when two items of incredible quality are blended together, the synergistic results can be absolutely mind-blowing. The Screwdriver is a highball drink, offering a sweet, tangy and delicious flavor that is beloved by many all around the world. And National Screwdriver Day is here to make sure that everyone gives this cocktail the appropriate accolades it deserves! 

History of National Screwdriver Day

Refreshing and easy to make, the origins of the Screwdriver cocktail can be a bit fuzzy as some different stories exist. Some say that this drink can be traced back to the 1940s when Americans working in the oil industry in the Middle East combined vodka with orange juice and, in the absence of any bar tools or spoons with which to stir their drinks, the story goes that they used a screwdriver.

Another tale, which may be as believable, is that American soldiers – or possibly airmen – stationed in the country of Turkey were responsible for the drink. Still others say that it originated on American soil, where Turkish spies and American engineers considered it a favorite to order at New York City’s Park Hotel.

No matter where it came from, those who appreciate this delightful and refreshing beverage will certainly be excited to celebrate it on National Screwdriver Day!

How to Celebrate National Screwdriver Day

Love the simplicity of this complex drink by celebrating on National Screwdriver Day! Enjoy some of these tips for getting involved with the day:

Order a Screwdriver at the Bar

It seems that the first order of business in celebration of National Screwdriver Day might be to enjoy drinking one. Of course, this might happen after getting off work and heading out to a local bar. It’s less advisable to start spiking the morning’s breakfast orange juice with vodka unless it happens to be the weekend!

Make Screwdrivers at Home

Invite some friends over in celebration of National Screwdriver Day and center the party around this delicious cocktail. A suggestion that many of the best bartending connoisseurs make is to be sure that the ingredients used are top shelf quality. Start out with freshly squeezed orange juice whenever possible, and avoid that juice that comes from concentrate. And don’t forget to serve a Screwdriver cold, over ice.

When it comes to choosing a brand of vodka from which to make screwdrivers, there remain many different opinions, even among the experts. This is probably a choice of personal taste, but here are some interesting suggestions to get started with:

  • Grey Goose Vodka
  • Sobieski Vodka
  • Stoli Vodka
  • Kalak Vodka

Get Creative with Screwdrivers

Just because they’re simple doesn’t mean Screwdrivers have to be boring! It’s possible to come up with some unique and interesting variations on this classic drink with a little bit of experimentation. Try out some options that add a bit of flavor, such as Cucumber Vodka, Citron Vodka, or Vanilla Vodka in the mix to build a distinguished flavor. Or, for an even more interesting and hand-crafted version, consider using vodka that is infused at home with fresh rosemary and strawberries. Delicious!

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