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Get out and enjoy some sunshine, soak up some rays, and delight in the water at the local swimming pool on National Swimming Pool Day!

History of National Swimming Pool Day

Pools were built in ancient times and often used as baths, but some of them may have also been used as swimming pools as early as 3000 BC. In 4th century Sri Lanka, pairs of pools were built and decorated with a special scroll design and flights of steps.

Ancient Greeks and Romans used pools for athletic activity, and some Roman emperors may even have stocked their swimming pools with fish. In the first century BC, the first heated swimming pool was built in Rome.

The first indoor public swimming pool in London was opened in 1742. Called the Bagino, this pool was open only for men who could pay one guinea, no ladies allowed. There was a cold pool as well as a warm one, and ‘waiters’ were available to give swimming lessons.

When the Olympic games were revived in modern time in 1896, the games included swimming races, which spread the popularity of swimming pools throughout the world. National Swimming Pool Day made its first appearance in 2016 and it has been a delight to celebrate each year since!

How to Celebrate National Swimming Pool Day

Wondering about ways to celebrate and observe National Swimming Pool Day? Try out some of these ideas:

Go for a Swim

Obviously, the first point of order for National Swimming Pool Day is to don your swimming suit and take a dip in a local pool. Whether it’s your own pool, one belonging to a friend, or a public pool, head on over on this hot day and dip a toe into that delightful water.

Jump off of the diving board, practice the backstroke, or start up a game of water volleyball. Or perhaps just engage in a silly round of “Marco Polo” which is basically like playing blind hide-and-seek in the swimming pool.

Get Some Swimming Pool Gear

Of course, just swimming on its own can be fun. But it can be even more entertaining with some swimming accessories. Bring along some floatie wings to pop onto the kids’ arms. Grab some pool noodles, beach balls, water frisbees, squirt guns, swim-through rings, floating basketball hoop, inflatable volleyball set, floating lounge chairs and games.

Install a Swimming Pool

One of the most extreme ways people might choose to celebrate National Swimming Pool Day is to go ahead and install a swimming pool in their backyard. The kids would be happy to have it – and it would be a blast for adults too!

Depending on the size of your property, it might be possible to put in a full-blown below-ground swimming pool that has options for swimming short laps. But those with a small yard might consider an above ground swimming pool. Some even have the option of choosing salt water instead of chlorine to regulate water safety.

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