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What would you call a sleeping dinosaur? A dino-snore. National Velociraptor Awareness Day is here! It’s time to bust out your dino-mite puns. Celebrated annually, it pays homage to favorite prehistoric creatures: velociraptors.

It’s a fun day of education. So, the day might not involve the heart-stopping excitement of dodging giant predators. Still, it is certainly a fun learning opportunity for all.

History of National Velociraptor Awareness Day

Velociraptors were remarkably different from the fanciful minds of Hollywood moviemakers. They roamed about 75 to 71 million years ago during the late Cretaceous period.

These dinosaurs were quite unlike the giants you have likely watched on the silver screen. Rather, they were more like large turkeys in size (but that would be so much less scary to movie-goers!).

Velociraptors measured only 6.5’ (2 meters) in length and had a stance of under 2’ high (.6 meters) at the hip. They had feathers, making them look more like birds than reptiles. Feathers? Yes. That’s confirmed by the discovery of quill knobs on a fossil found in Mongolia in 2007.

The name ‘velociraptor’ made its way into our vocabularies in 1924. Henry Fairfield Osborn, then president of the American Museum of Natural History, created this name. It comes from the Latin words ‘velox’ (swift) and ‘raptor’ (plunderer). The name perfectly described these fast-moving dinosaurs.

National Velociraptor Awareness Day’s history closely links to their popular culture acclaim. This is mainly due to their famous appearance in Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park movies from the early 1990s.

These films made velociraptors very popular. They became unlikely Hollywood superstars. Despite how the movie took artistic liberties with their portrayal.

How to Celebrate Velociraptor Awareness Day

Celebrating National Velociraptor Awareness Day is dino-riffic. Here’s how to join the veloci-raptorous fun:

Host a Jurassic Movie Marathon

A Jurassic Movie Marathon is the ultimate way to celebrate velociraptors. Of course, it’s also appropriate to include honoring their prehistoric friends.

Invite your buddies over to join the fun. Transform your living room into a mini cinema. Begin by watching the original Jurassic Park movie. Up for more? Continue through the entire series.

Enhance the experience with themed decorations. Think of dressing up your space with jungle vines or dinosaur footprints. How about some cute inflatable dinosaurs?

For snacks, serve up some dino-nuggets and prehistoric popcorn. To serve something sweet, think about lava cakes to represent volcanic eruptions. Or, you could bake fossil cookies made with dinosaur-shaped cookie cutters.

For a healthy twist, pop some green ‘dino’ smoothies into the blender. A trivia quiz at the end of the marathon about the movies can add an educational twist, making this an engaging way to celebrate National Velociraptor Awareness Day.

Dinosaur Costume Party

Hosting a dinosaur costume party on Velociraptor Awareness Day offers a fun and creative outlet for people of every age.

Here’s a fun twist to add to that movie marathon. Encourage guests to come over dressed as their favorite dinosaur or prehistoric critter.

You can also set up a DIY costume station with supplies. Make feathers, fabric, and face paints available for guests for fun final touches on their outfits.

Have a costume parade. If trivia’s more your thing, hold a contest with categories. Most Realistic Dinosaur. Funniest Dinosaur. Best Prehistoric Character. Veloci-wrap-up the night with prizes at the end of the night.

Want to add more flair to the party? Play the Jurassic Park soundtracks to set the mood. Set up a photo booth with a prehistoric backdrop and props like oversized dinosaur eggs and faux ferns. Set up cardboard cutouts of velociraptors for memorable photos.

Educational Activities for Kids

National Velociraptor Awareness Day is a dino-mite day to teach kids in a fun way. Plan a few educational activities centered around dinosaurs. Organize craft sessions. Let the kids create their own dinosaurs. You can supply age-appropriate materials – clay, paper mache, or recycled materials.

Dino-themed drawing contests can also be fun for budding artists. Give them prompts like designing their own dinosaur or illustrating a dinosaur habitat. Interactive story-telling sessions, where kids share stories about

Include fun facts about velociraptors and other dinosaurs during these activities. Consider inviting a paleontologist or a science teacher to give a short, kid-friendly dinosaur lesson.

Museum Visits to See Velociraptors

Visit a museum with dinosaur exhibits on Velociraptor Awareness Day! This excursion can be an enlightening experience for all.

These visits offer a contextual peek at the past. They showcase real fossils and reconstructed skeletons. Many provide detailed exhibits on dinosaur habitats and behaviors.

Some museums also feature interactive displays. How exciting is this – virtual reality experiences that simulate walking with dinosaurs. Or what if you could try using VR simulations at fossil digging?

Social Media Sharing

Using your social media platforms is a fun way to celebrate National Velociraptor Awareness Day. Share facts, images, or your celebration ideas using hashtags like #NationalVelociraptorAwarenessDay.

Engage in discussions with other dino-enthusiasts. Besides sharing, you can also find online quizzes or polls. This digital celebration can reach a global audience, helping to spread awareness and build a community interested in these fascinating prehistoric creatures.

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