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National Voter Registration Day is a special day on the fourth Tuesday of September that encourages everyone to register to vote.

This year, it’s set for September 24. The day is all about making sure as many people as possible are ready to vote. Events and efforts online and in communities aim to get everyone involved​​.

The reason we have National Voter Registration Day is simple but very important. In the United States, many people are not registered to vote.

For example, about 1 in 4 people who can vote haven’t registered. This day helps fix that. It’s a big push to get everyone ready to vote so no one misses out because they didn’t sign up in time or didn’t know how​.

This day is really important because it brings people together to support democracy. Since it started, over 5 million people have signed up to vote on this day.

Plus, it’s not just about signing up; it’s about learning how voting works and getting ready to participate in elections. Everyone, from volunteers to big organizations, gets involved to make a difference​.

History of ​National Voter Registration Day

National Voter Registration Day began in 2012 to address a simple but significant issue: many Americans were not registered to vote.

It quickly became a powerful movement, with over 5 million registered voters since its inception. This day is marked every fourth Tuesday of September and aims to reach millions of Americans across the country.

It emphasizes the importance of ensuring everyone eligible can vote, especially since about 1 in 4 Americans are not registered​.

The idea came to life thanks to the collective effort of around 2,000 civic organizations nationwide. Prominent groups like the League of Women Voters, HeadCount, and Rock the Vote played a crucial role.

They and countless volunteers, including celebrities, work tirelessly to spread the word and encourage voter registration​​.

The day is celebrated with various activities such as rallies, door-knocking campaigns, and social media drives, all designed to make voter registration accessible and to educate Americans about their voting rights.

It’s a day of unity, aiming to bridge gaps and remind people of their shared rights and responsibilities as citizens​​.

National Voter Registration Day has succeeded in registering voters, mobilizing volunteers, and educating citizens on a massive scale. It’s a testament to the power of collective action and the importance of participating in the democratic process​.

How to Celebrate ​National Voter Registration Day

Here are some playful and quirky suggestions for celebrating National Voter Registration Day in style:

Throw a Democracy Bash

Why not host a get-together with a democracy theme? Think red, white, and blue decorations, democracy-themed games, and, most importantly, a voter registration booth right in your living room.

It’s a party with a purpose, and what’s better than fun that also strengthens democracy? Encourage friends to check their registration or sign up if they haven’t yet​​.

Volunteer Extravaganza

Get out there and hit the streets… to educate, of course! Volunteer to knock on doors or organize a group to spread the joy of voting rights.

Wear your most patriotic outfit, and don’t forget comfortable shoes because democracy is a path walked by many​​.

Social Media Blitz

Unleash your creativity online! Create engaging posts or videos that remind people to check their voter registration status.

Invent a catchy hashtag or challenge that could go viral. Remember, the goal is to get everyone ready and registered to vote. Share, tag, and repeat! It’s like spreading digital confetti across the internet​​.

Join Forces with Local Heroes

Find out what events are happening in your community and lend a hand. Libraries, schools, and even your favorite local businesses might be hosting registration drives.

Show up, support, or volunteer. Imagine helping out at a library and simultaneously discovering your next favorite book. Talk about a win-win!​​.

These suggestions blend fun, community spirit, and the importance of participating in our democracy.

They remind us that every day, especially National Voter Registration Day, is an opportunity to make a difference, one voter at a time. So, pick a suggestion (or two), get creative, and let’s make democracy happen!

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