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The National Week of Conversation brings with it an opportunity for people to set aside their assumed differences or arguments and meet with listening ears to build bridges instead of walls. 

History of National Week of Conversation

This week is for anyone to engage with, especially those who are exhausted by division and hatred that has taken place in the United States. National Week of Conversation was started in 2021 in collaboration with the Listen First Coalition with the hope of rekindling relationships in homes, workplaces, churches and communities.

More than official 100 National Week of Conversation events took place in the inaugural year throughout communities all over the nation, including documentary screenings with follow up conversations, major media op-eds and other activities. More than 13 million people have engaged through partnerships with schools, museums and historic sites, faith communities, universities, elected officials, libraries, media companies and so much more.

With the hope of “turning down the heat” and finding a way forward together, the National Week of Conversation aims to make the world a better, kinder place to live through peaceful, respectful conversations that bring America together.

How to Celebrate National Week of Conversation

Foster a better relationship with a neighbor, coworker, family member or other person by building bridges through conversions. National Week of Conversation is here to bring hope and healing to overcome harsh divisions and hatred. Get engaged with the week including some of these ideas:

Learn the Elements of Conversation 

Having a conversation with someone who thinks differently has become a triggering activity for many people, especially in the world of social media. But disagreement doesn’t have to be divisive! Instead of fighting, name-calling and degrading to unsavory behavior, National Week of Conversation calls individuals and groups to talk better and smarter with healthy discourse.

In honor of this event, perhaps it would be a good idea to take a look at some of the elements of a healthy conversation and strive to include these in daily life:

  • Tell people they matter and assume the best of them and their intentions

  • Aim to stay calm and channel emotions without becoming overwhelmed

  • Listen carefully and speak with a calm and steady voice

  • Show understanding even if there isn’t agreement, and look for similarities or common ground

Become a National Week of Conversation Partner

National Week of Conversation offers three tiers for individuals and groups to become partners, from hosting an event to becoming a cross-promotional partner. Organizations can connect with the event by hosting Signature Experiences on their own or partnered with other organizations of interest. In addition, they can collaborate to reach more people to include in this week of conversation by using their influence in marketing, media and more. Potential partners can sign up through the conversation event website

Join the Listen First Project

Get connected with others who want to foster peace and unity in the nation in honor of the National Week of Conversation. Individuals can go to the Listen First Project website and take a pledge to “listen first to understand”, learn about events and get more involved.  

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