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Delightful and beloved, the Welsh Corgi has been made even more iconic over recent decades due to the famously royal dogs who were part of Queen Elizabeth II’s family. Fond of this dog breed since she was a small child, the Queen of England is estimated to have owned more than 30 corgis throughout her reign as queen, from 1952 to her death in 2022.

National Welsh Corgi Day is here to show love to and celebrate this vertically challenged but deeply lovable breed of dogs!

History of National Welsh Corgi Day

Welsh Corgis have a history that can be traced all the way back to the 10th century or maybe even further. Originally used as a breed that would help farmers to herd their cattle, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi would also help the family by performing rodent control, guarding livestock or even protecting the humans of the family. The other branch of the family, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, may have roots that date back 3000 years to Celtic tribes that migrated to Wales. It’s no surprise from their height that Welsh Corgis belong to the same family as the Dachshund.

While corgis of the modern day are more likely to be cared for inside as a member of the family, these very trainable dogs continue to offer characteristics that make them great helpers, including loyalty, agility and obedience, and even skill such as tracking and herding can be taught. There’s a great deal that can be appreciated about this delightful, though admittedly shorter-than-average breed of dog. And that’s what celebrating National Welsh Corgi Day is all about!

National Welsh Corgi Day was founded in 2019 when dog enthusiast Connie Maue was inspired to bring attention to and show appreciation for this dog breed.

How to Celebrate National Welsh Corgi Day

Canine lovers and Welsh Corgi owners can have loads of fun enjoying and celebrating events and activities on National Welsh Corgi Day. Get involved with some of these plans and ideas:

Adopt a Welsh Corgi

For those who have been considering adding a pet to their family, National Welsh Corgi Day may be just the time to do it! Before considering a breeder, it would be a kindness to check out some local dog shelters to find out if they have a corgi or corgi-mix who is in need of a home. As a happy, intelligent and loving dog, the Welsh Corgi might be just the pet to bring home to be part of the family!

Host a Neighborhood or Community Corgi Walk

For those who know a large contingency of Welsh Corgi Owners, perhaps this is the perfect day to get them all together to show off their pets! Meet up at a local park for National Welsh Corgi Day and then perhaps organize a little pet parade. Encourage dog owners to dress up their pets in different costumes and it might even be fun to provide a theme. Try something like “Short but Sassy” or “Unleashing Greatness.”

It might also be fun to host a little reception in honor of the corgi, providing little dog treats for them. Perhaps it would even be possible to get a local dog bakery involved to sponsor the event!

Learn Facts About Welsh Corgis

Spend some time on National Welsh Corgi Day getting to know this fascinating breed of dog a little bit better! Have some fun learning and then sharing some of these interesting tidbits of trivia to raise awareness for the day:

  • In the Welsh language, the word “cor” has the meaning dwarf and “gi” simply translates to dog. So the label of Corgi literally means “dwarf dog”.

  • As herders, corgis are high energy dogs who need plenty of exercise but, when they don’t get it they’ll probably just run around in circles to burn it off.

  • Corgis have a double coat that works well in winter climates, but also allows them to lose a layer of their coat in warmer seasons.

  • Some folklore suggests that the Corgi dog has been employed by the fairy kingdom as mounts that the fairies could ride on or pull their fairy coaches, including them as a delightful part of the “enchanted” world.

Join a Local Welsh Corgi Friend Group

With local outposts of Corgi lovers all over the nation, it’s easy and fun for owners and lovers of these dogs to get connected in honor of National Welsh Corgi Day. These types of groups often meet up in parks where the dogs can play together, or they band together to support some local community events or happenings. Those who aren’t sure about how to connect with a group might do an online search for one in their area or ask around at the dog parks, veterinarian’s office, pet shelter or other places.

Make a Donation to Support Corgis

Corgi Aid is a nonprofit organization that funds medical care for Corgis and Corgi mixes who are in shelters or non-permanent homes and need to be adopted. In addition, the group also helps to provide carts for Corgis who have mobility issues.

Corgis for a Cause is a group made up of social media influencers who share their daily experiences with their beloved corgi pets. Their purpose is to aid animals around the world and they do so through charitable donations or cute, corgi-themed merchandise like calendars, hats, stickers, pens with cases and much more. Check out their online promotions to get involved in celebration of National Welsh Corgi Day.

Celebrate Corgis Year Round

Those who are interested in celebrating their delightful canines at other times of the year might want to get involved with International Corgi Day in June, National Dog Day in August, or National Walking the Dog Day in February.

National Welsh Corgi Day FAQs

How much does a Pembroke Welsh Corgi cost?

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy from a breeder will cost on average around $1000-2000, or even more from a top breed line.[1]

Do Welsh Corgis shed?

Yes, corgis are very heavy shedders, especially twice a year during shedding seasons.[2]

Are Cardigan Welsh Corgis shy?

These corgis have a loyal and affectionate temperament that is not particularly shy.[3]

Do Welsh Corgis have tails?

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are born with tails but many breeders dock the tails soon after they are born.[4]

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