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For those who are tired and weary of things not going well in life, don’t let it get you down. Especially on this day. National Whiner’s Day is here to encourage people to appreciate what they have instead of complaining about what they don’t!

History of National Whiner’s Day

Started in 1986, National Whiner’s Day was founded by Reverend Kevin Zaborney from Caro, Michigan to remind people that they don’t need to whine but should be thankful. This is especially true on the day after Christmas. Since the Christmas holiday is known for giving gifts, some people might feel a bit entitled and have a tendency to complain on the day after if they didn’t get what they wanted.

But Rev. Zaborney was convinced that the better way to approach the day after Christmas was not to be a Whiner, but to look around and see the good in the world instead. In fact, even those families who are struggling to buy gifts or put on an expensive holiday meal can still remind themselves to be grateful that they have each other.

So, although it is called National Whiner’s Day, the true spirit of the day is to not succumb to complaining and to be an anti-whiner. The good news is that gratefulness is often contagious, so just get started, be a good influence, and see how it can bring happiness and cheer to those nearby.

How to Celebrate National Whiner’s Day

Consider some of these ideas for enjoying and celebrating National Whiner’s Day:

Be Grateful and Thankful

The most important task of the day for National Whiner’s Day is to look around and see what there is to be thankful for. Received a nice Christmas present? Be grateful! Received a Christmas present you didn’t really like? Remember it’s the thought that counts! Got to spend a lovely time with friends and family? Practice gratitude for this time.

Share Some Silly Jokes About Whining

Perhaps National Whiner’s Day is just the time to brighten some spirits and keep people chuckling by offering up some ridiculous puns and dad jokes about whiners and whining. Get started with some of these groaners:

  • Why did the frog whine to the manager at a restaurant? There wasn’t a fly in his soup.
  • What is a Karen’s favorite place to drink? A Whine Bar.
  • What did the butler say to the German scientist when they ran out of wine? Kein Wine, Einstein!
  • What did the grape do when it was stepped on? It let out a little whine (wine)!

Establish a No Whining Rule

Whether staying at home with the family or going back to work, National Whiner’s Day is the perfect time to create a rule for the day when no one is allowed to complain. Although every day of the year doesn’t have to be positive, this day is the one to encourage each other to look on the bright side!

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