Night Out Day falls on the first Tuesday in August every year and serves to raise awareness as a community-based day. Creating a better community is important to everyone, and this event serves as a way for people to come together to help make this possible in whatever way they can.

There is no one set way of taking part in observing this day, just do what you can to make the place you live in feel as safe as possible every day! Down below, you will find some more information on this event.

The purpose of Night Out Day is to promote the partnership between the police and the community that they serve in order to make the neighborhoods safer. Building strong connections, and strengthening those existing ones between the people who serve the neighborhood and the people that live there is important, and this special day is one of the occasions where this is possible.

Take a deeper look into the programs that are provided by those who serve and see what is actually being done to protect the neighborhood. For example, there are a number of people who serve the community and make it a safe place to live, such as the Town or Neighborhood Watch. 

The overall aim of this event is to raise awareness about anti-crime efforts in neighborhoods to ensure that they are great places to live. Many organizations get involved in this event, and it is only increasing in popularity as the years go on.

History Of Night Out

This event has been held every year since 1984 and started with the simple act of people in the neighborhood, turning on their porch lights and sitting at their front door. The very first Night Out Day saw 2.5 million residents in 400 communities, and in 2016, 38 million people across the entire United States in 16,000 communities. 

In recent years, one of the largest Night Out events has been held in Columbus, Ohio. Ogden Block Watch organizes one of the largest festivals, which includes food, live music, and other entertainment options for participants to enjoy in order to raise awareness for this special cause. 

How to celebrate Night Out

There are a number of ways that you can celebrate this event, and one of them involves getting everyone in the community together in one place, such as at a party.

Or, you can go back to what used to be done and put your porch light on while sitting at the front of your house. Dog Walker Watch has been incorporated into the program in recent years, which means there are 75 million dog walkers that are out day and night with their dogs walking neighborhoods. These people can become an extra set of eyes to help the police keep the neighborhood safe! 

Night Out Day can be celebrated however you choose as long as it promotes community values, and has a focus on bringing everyone together in an anti-crime effort. 

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