There’s an epidemic in the world today, a growing plague of epic proportions that effects every piece of social media out there. New devices have been made to help accelerate its growth, and we can see its effects every time we access social media. The plague is selfies, and they are by far the worst thing to come out of the accessibility of self-photography. Thankfully, there’s a day dedicated to breaking free of this terrible addiction, and it’s No-Selfies Day. For one day, you can finally stop participating in this narcissistic and, as it turns out, psychologically damaging behavior.

History of No-Selfie Day

No-Selfie day was established to help cast a light on just how much this has become part of our culture. It’s actually been revealed that the average girl spends 1 hour and 24 minutes each week trying to capture that perfect selfie. The whole drive seems to be based on our need to be noticed, to feel that we’re special, and so we prepare the perfect picture to get the most likes to help bolster our self-esteem. On the surface that may seem harmless, until you consider how it further separates us from one another and how damaging posting a selfie without getting any notice can be. After all, if notice = appreciation and self-worth, what does that say about not being noticed?

Further, this plague of selfies builds on what the social concept of beauty is. This again sounds like it could be a good thing, if our selfies are taken by amateurs, they aren’t necessarily going to be perfect photo-washed versions of ourselves, right? Wrong. Like any art, the taking of the selfie builds the techniques of making them, and some go so far as to learn how to use photo-editing software to enhance their selfies and make themselves appear unrealistically beautiful. What a relief it must be to the fashion industry to find that they no longer have to promote unrealistic ideals of beauty, we’ve taken the initiative and started doing it ourselves.

How to celebrate No-Selfie Day

This one is a bit of a no-brainer. If you want to participate in No-Selfie Day, all you have to do is NOT participate in taking selfies! Set yourself free from judging yourself by the cameras eye and the approval of your peers through meaningless likes and comments on social media by simply choosing not to participate in it. The entire concept of no-selfie day is to start living your life and being in the moment, rather than trying to capture and edit it.

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