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With a focus on the attitudes as well as lack of confidence that can act as barriers to using numbers in everyday life, Number Confidence Week seeks to reframe the way that people think about and use numbers. In addition to affecting the way adults feel about arithmetic and numbers, it is also expected to impact the way children approach math, by removing biases received by their parents. 

History of Number Confidence Week

Number Confidence Week was launched in 2020 by the independent charity, National Numeracy, along with the founding support of KPMG, which is a provider of tax, audit and financial advisory services in the UK. The idea behind the event is that if people are more confident about numbers, they will be less likely to shy away from them which will empower them to be more active in the way they live their financial lives.

This event is all about reducing the stress, anxiety and fear that can come along with the use of numbers in daily life, whether for work, shopping, financial planning or other activities. In addition, people who are not confident about numbers can be vulnerable to difficulties such as financial debt, fraud, health problems, unemployment and more.

The way Number Confidence Week works to overcome these struggles is by providing empowering solutions that are positive and practical, to help people improve their confidence.

How to Celebrate Number Confidence Week

Show some love for math and numbers! Get in on the count for celebrating National Number Confidence Week with some of these ideas:

Use Number Confidence Resources

Adults and children alike can get access to free resources provided on the National Numeracy organization website that will help to promote competence and confidence with numbers. This includes myth-busting information, tips for money management, and using math in the workplace. In addition, the website offers a variety of resources for parents to help their children gain confidence using numbers and math. 

Share Number Confidence Week

Those who feel compelled that those around them could use a boost in their number usage might want to share Number Confidence Week with others. This might include teachers in the classroom, parents at home, or even sharing resources in the workplace. It’s a great way to offer assistance in a non-shaming way so that everyone can get on board and have fun with numbers!

Join the National Numeracy Challenge

Folks in the UK and other places in the world are eligible to take a small survey on the National Numeracy website and then sign up to get access to all sorts of resources, join in on periodic quick checks and then participate in the annual challenge put out the by organization. It’s an exciting way to get on board with numeracy, joining in with thousands of others who are also growing during Number Confidence Week but also all throughout the year! 

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