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Every January 7th
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Old Rock Day, despite some misconception, is not a day of celebrating classic Rock ‘n’ Roll tunes of days gone by but is, in fact, the day that Geologists and amateur rock enthusiasts take it upon themselves to show their appreciation of all things fossilised and stony.

The exact origins of this day are unclear and unconfirmed but there has been a suggestion that this day was first created by the cartoon family known as The Flintstones. Nobody from The Flintstones however was available for comment.

This is also the day when young children are often encouraged to go out and discover their first “pet rock.” It is a day that they can use to bond with their “pet” and cement the very beginning of their lengthy future relationship. Unlike with other pets, “pet rocks” never ever grow old or die.

Other festivities on this day include painting and decorating the “faces” of rocks and of gathering together attractive pebbles and stones to make inexpensive and original pieces of jewellery.

It is also the day that the pastime of building a “rock garden” is actively encouraged. Some towns and villages around the world hold competitions on this day to find the best decorated “rock garden”.