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Fed up of going out to work every day to earn a crust, while your dog, cat, rabbit or bird lounges around the house? Well, Pet Owners Independence Day aims to change all that. The idea of this wacky holiday is that the owners get a turn at lying on the carpet, while those fluffy, furry or feathered friends try out their talents in the workplace!

It’s time to celebrate Pet Owners Independence Day!

History of Pet Owners Independence Day

Pet Owners Independence Day got its start through the motivation of some humans who have pets and got kind of sick of being the only ones to bring home the bacon. Pets are so needy – not only sometimes, but all the time. After all, don’t the humans also deserve a break once in a while?!

Sort of like a Freaky Friday option, except instead of children trading places with parents, it’s the pet owners swapping roles with their pets. Flipping the script makes perfect sense on this day, right?

Pet Owners Independence Day seems to have been established in 2022 by Thomas Roy and the folks over at Wellcat.

Admittedly, there could be just a few drawbacks to Pet Owners Independence Day… For one thing, will the average cat or dog be up to responding to a letter, let alone a phone call? For another, just how good is a typical pet owner likely to be at catching mice, gnawing bones or keeping a scratching post in trim? All of that certainly remains to be seen – but it’s a great idea, anyway, and should add a touch of animal magic to the day!

How to Celebrate Pet Owners Independence Day

Lounge about all day while that pet is having a crack at the job by celebrating Pet Owners Independence Day. Enjoy the day and celebrate with some of these ideas and plans:

Take the Day Off Work

Perhaps Pet Owners Independence Day offers a perfect reason to call off of work for a “mental health” day. Use that paid time off to spend time lounging at home, whether napping in the sunshine like a cat or eating a snack out of a bowl on the floor – without the use of hands.

Maybe it would be a good idea to keep the stories off of social media, though, or the coworkers and boss might be a bit annoyed. And possibly also truly concerned about your mental health if pics are posted of you taking a nap on your dog’s bed holding a bone in your mouth, or perched all day on the back of the sofa.

Put That Pet To Work

One important part of this day is to make sure that Rover or Fluffy are pulling their weight on this day. While it’s unlikely that they’ll actually be willing to go to the office to do any work, or pop into the cafe to wait tables, perhaps there are some jobs they can be put up to.

Try some of these:

  • Dust the wooden floor. The cat and dog are both running around the room all day, so why not put them to work cleaning the floor by fitting them with socks made of dust mops? Let them wear them while chasing a ball of yarn or playing fetch, and they’ll clean up those dusty floors in no time!
  • Teach them to put their toys away. Pets, especially dogs, can be trained to do almost anything! Spend the day teaching that pet to pick up their toys and put them away where they belong. It’s a great way to keep the house a bit more tidy.
  • Use treat-dispensing toys. Many pets will feel better about themselves if they are challenged physically and mentally. Put them to “work” by getting them toys that they have to try to solve before a treat will be dispensed. It’s a great way to stimulate their minds and senses.

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