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Well, blow me down!”
“That’s all I can stands ‘cause I can’t stands no more!”
Shiver me timbers!

Popeye is famous for his silly catchphrases, and today is the perfect day to throw some of them around, just for the fun of it, because it’s Popeye Day!

History of Popeye Day

Created on January 17, 1929, the Popeye character came from the mind of E.C. Segar, who originally put Popeye’s character in a comic strip that centered around his friend, Olive Oyl. Though he started out as a side character in this Thimble Theatre comic strip, Popeye, the Sailor Man, was so popular that he had his own comic strip series within the next few years. And eventually he got his own television show.

Now, Popeye Day is celebrated each year in honor of this lovable sailor character who seems to have superhuman strength when he eats a can of spinach – which he always has nearby. Wisecracking and ready to start a fight, Popeye always seems to be getting into sticky situations!

How to Celebrate Popeye Day

Looking for ways to get involved with Popeye Day? Try out some of these ideas for getting on board with the celebration:

Throw a Popeye Day Party

Have so much fun celebrating Popeye Day by inviting some friends over for a little gathering. Encourage guests to dress up as their favorite Popeye character for the evening, whether it’s Olive Oyl, Popeye, Wimpy, Brutus or Swee’ Pea. Feature a variety of Popeye cartoons on video that can be watched during the party.

Fill a table with a collection of different snacks and treats that are themed around the Popeye family of characters, such as cupcakes, cookies and more. And, obviously, don’t forget the spinach!

Sing the Popeye Theme Song

Have some fun taking a walk down memory lane by singing along with the theme song to the Popeye show in honor of Popeye Day. Pull up some online videos on YouTube to sing along with these lyrics that were written for Popeye’s animated debut in 1933:

I’m Popeye the Sailor Man
I’m Popeye the Sailor Man
I’m strong to the finish
‘Cause I eats me spinach
I’m Popeye the Sailor Man

Catch Some Popeye Cartoons or Comics

Take a step back into the world of animation and comic strips by enjoying some of the silliest humor around. Whether it’s watching old Popeye cartoons through online streaming options or picking up some Popeye comic books in a vintage or antique store, one great way to celebrate Popeye Day is by having a laugh with the Sailor Man and his whole gang, including Bluto, Poopdeck Pappy and the dreaded Sea Hag.

Watch the Popeye Movie

Go a little retro on Popeye Day by watching the live action musical comedy film from 1980 that stars Robin WIlliams as the title character and Shelley Duvall as OIive Oyl. It tells the story of Popeye’s arrival in a small town while in search of his father, where he falls in love with Olive Oyl, who is engaged to marry Popeye’s nemesis, Bluto.

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