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Every year the world continues to get more and more crowded. While we’ve a tendency to pack ourselves into massive cities, and there are presently still long open stretches of countryside, every year that gets whittled away at more and more.

The power and food needs of the world continue to place a greater and greater strain on our ability to meet them, and resources in general are becoming harder and harder to come by. World Population Day comes along each year to remind us that our present rate of population growth is unsustainable, and the present social and logistical issues we are experiencing to meet the demand of that population will only get worse if we don’t do something.

History of World Population Day

In 1987 there was an event called “Five Billion Day”, which recognized when the human population boiled over the 5 billion mark. Since then the United Nations Development Programme has been working to anticipate, support, and offset the needs of a rapidly growing population. The population had been deemed to be growing out of control, and an awareness was being spread about the need for family planning, ways to offset poverty, and the ability to ensure that proper maternal health was observed.

The existing strain of supporting our present population is already causing grievous crimes in the areas of human rights and gender equality. As more people come into an a world that’s already doing a poor job of taking care of its citizens, there are more and more of them coming vulnerable to human rights violations such as human trafficking and child labor. World Population Day reminds us that we are part of an ever growing world, and that to ensure there’s a great future ahead for any of us, there has to be a great future for all of us.

How to celebrate Take Your Webmaster To Lunch Day

Not to start off too personal, but the first thing you can do is make sure that your own family planning schedule is properly taken care of. So many places in the world see an uncontrolled growth in population due to a lack of access of proper preventative measures and poor maternal health monitoring. If you’re lucky enough to not be in those areas, be sure you’re taking advantage of your privileges. While you’re at it, see what you can do to support those areas that don’t have access to these materials, and educate yourself on what we can do to help make the world a better place for all of us.