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Sat 11th Feb, 2017 will be...


11th Feb each year

Many sports personalities are well known for their prowess on the sporting fields… But what about the spouses standing behind these celebrities?

Pro Sport Wives Day is a national day where nearly 500,000 sports wives, both active and retired, are graciously given recognition throughout the country. This recognition serves to remind the general public of the fantastic job that pro sports personalities’ wives and partners conduct behind the scene of a $213 billion pro sports industry. We may see these sportsmen regularly and their actions, but not often enough do we think of the hard work carried out by those who support them most. Many pro sports wives act as silent partners and household managers: they keep their darling athletes focused; determined to win and succeed in meeting their dreams; to create the beautiful feeling of being a winner in every heart in the country.

Pro Sports Wives Day is held annually in the month of February: to support the cause, all you need to do is make sure that you respect the hard work which these women must go through to aid their husbands as best as possible.

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