When you think about reading in the bathtub, does it bring back memories of childhood soaks with your favorite comic books? Perhaps you think about the scolding by the Librarian when you tried to return the book that got away – and took a plunge into the bathwater? It’s time to make new memories on Read in the Bathtub Day! Grab your favorite book or device (I admit I read my digital books in the bath – carefully of course!) and get ready for a relaxing soak.

History of Read in the Bathtub Day

It is easy to imagine the first person to read in the bathtub to be some noble reading off scrolls in a tiny tub as they tried to figure out how to rule their realm. Possible, but perhaps that joy came later when tubs, indoor plumbing, and lighting made the task a joy rather than a chore? It is not difficult to imagine that as books and comfort became handier, that this pastime became a favorite from the top of society to the bottom!

How to celebrate Read in the Bathtub Day

Did you know that there are many products available to help you be more secure reading in the bathtub? To celebrate Read in the Bathtub Day you could take some time to check them out. There are little shelves with spaces for all of the things you could need and allow you to have a safe surface to rest your book.

Some stores offer pillows that rest around your next to pad the hard and cold porcelain from hurting your next. They can come with essential oils or scents in them that are activated in the heat of the bath. Doesn’t that sound heavenly? Is life so stressful and busy that if you used that you would have to be careful not to doze off? I feel that too, but when you think about the chance to have some reading time, I bet you will stay awake!

Let’s talk about the water. Yes, hot and steamy are implied but why just settle for ordinary? Your favorite store holds shelves and shelves of beautifully scented bubble bath, bath bombs, oils and other ways for you to enhance the bathing experience. It is believed that bath salts can help to draw out tension and promote circulation. The options are endless.

What will you read while you are soaking in spa-like luxury? For Read in the Bathtub Day treat yourself and do not take anything work or career related with you. No self-improvement or career development treatise, it is time for you to read for enjoyment! Pick up that novel you saw on the newsstand or download the latest thriller sure to chill you. Or why not one of the classics? There are so many options for you to choose from!

Just remember to spoil yourself with a non-work related book, some nice bubble bath and enjoy Read in the Bathtub Day in style!