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They’re there when you call to make an appointment, they call you to make sure you remember to make it. When you need a referral, they’re the ones who take the call and make sure it happens, and when there’s a cancellation they call to let you know of the change.

They do the paperwork that keeps everything in order, and they get their bosses lunch while dealing with the concerns of customers all day long.

Without a receptionist, there’s no way an office could go about the day to day business smoothly, Receptionist’s Day celebrates these heroes of office life with their very own holiday. You know they deserve it!

History of Receptionist’s Day

Before we talk about the History of Receptionist’s Day, we have to take a bit of time to clearly define what a receptionist is. People often conflate the terms secretary and receptionist, and while both are extremely important in the day to day operation of a business, they are in no way the same thing.

A receptionist covers a huge amount of areas of work to assist the business they work for, including setting appointments, filing, record keeping, and a myriad of other office tasks all for the sake of keeping things moving. They are the first contact most people have with a company, and the last face they see on their way out the door.

A secretary, on the other hand, does not work for a business at large. A secretary handles many of these same functions, but they are specifically specialized in assisting one individual or at most a small team. A secretary is absolutely vital to the completion of their tasks and is deeply involved in managing their projects, communicating needs between them and their clients, and organizing the whole mess on a day to day basis, usually to exacting standards.

Receptionist’s Day recognizes the efforts of the first, those who juggle an entire office worth of paperwork and customers and phone calls and appointment setting and-and-and-and… Their work is simply never done, yet they keep on working.

How to celebrate Receptionist’s Day

If you own an office, give them a paid day off, you know they need it! You can also take a day and do their job for a bit, manage the front desk so you know exactly what they put up with each day. As a customer, you can bring in a basket of healthy fruits and energy boosting snacks, or just bring them a card. Or just say thank you for all they do, you know they don’t hear it often enough!