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I’d kiss a frog even if there was no promise of a Prince Charming popping out of it. I love frogs.

Cameron Diaz

Frogs just don’t get enough love or enough recognition! In fact, the situation is so dire that certain species of them are in just as much danger of passing from the Earth as bees are. Save The Frogs Day aims to raise awareness about these wonderful amphibians and everything they do for us.

For those who have an abiding hatred of all things insect related, then this should definitely be a time to be out there beating a drum for Save The Frogs Day! Of course, that may be just the beginning.

Now is the time to learn about and get ready to celebrate everything to do with Save the Frogs Day!

History of Save The Frogs Day

Frogs can be found all over the world, and have been on the earth for an incredibly long time, with the first ancestor of the modern frog being dated to the Triassic period. That’s a really long time ago! Since then, these almost entirely carnivorous beasties have been devouring every known type of insect all over the world.

Not a fan of mosquitoes? Then this is a perfect opportunity to be a big fan of the frog, because they eat tons of them every year! Sometimes they even eat them before they become mosquitoes, snacking on the mosquito larvae before they ever have a chance to grow into the blood-sucking menaces that everyone loves to hate.

Frogs are often mistaken for toads, but there are actually some significant differences between the two. The most obvious difference is that toads are capable of living on dry land for long periods of time. On the other hand, frogs require very moist environments, in part because their skin is semi-permeable, allowing water and gasses to pass through it with ease.

Any lover of frogs knows that they also have amazing vocalizations. In fact, the singing of frogs is one of the first signs that spring is coming in some areas of the world, even in metropolitan areas where they can possibly find stagnant ponds and ditches to live in.

Unfortunately, frogs are now endangered. The number of frogs in the world has been dropping rapidly since the 1950s, and it is believed that over a hundred species of frogs have vanished from the world just since the 1980s!

As time passes, if conservation efforts are not put into place, many more species of frogs might be lost from the planet’s ecosystems. Save The Frogs Day is an important time that works to raise awareness about the dangers that these important reptiles face, and the repercussions of living in a world without frogs.

Save The Frogs Day Timeline

1500 BC

Plague of frogs in Egypt

Somewhere around this time, it is recorded in Jewish and Christian scriptures that Egypt is overcome by a plague of frogs, as well as nine other plagues.[1]


Kermit the Frog makes his debut 

One of Jim Henson’s most famous characters, before Sesame Street and The Muppet Show, Kermit first appeared on a local Washington TV show, Sam & Friends.[2]


Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog song is released 

The popular band, Three Dog Night, releases the song (called Joy to the World) on their album, Naturally, and then another version in early 1971.[3]


Many frog species begin to become extinct

Sadly, it is because of problems with sustainability in the ecological systems that certain species of frogs start dying off.[4]


First Save the Frogs Day

This first time Save the Frogs Day is celebrated will eventually grow into a worldwide educational event.[5]

How to Celebrate Save The Frogs Day

Those who want to celebrate Save the Frogs Day have a variety of different options of ways to observe and enjoy the day. Try out some of these ideas to get started:

Listen to Some Music About Frogs

Get in the spirit of Save the Frogs Day and create a playlist to make it possible to listen to some tunes about frogs–or by frogs! Get started with some of these fun songs:

  • Peace Frog by The Doors (1970). Not one of The Doors most well-known songs, this song was never released as a single in the US.
  • Kiss that Frog by Peter Garbriel (1992). The fourth single from Gabriel’s sixth album, US.
  • Joy to the World by Three Dog Night (1970). With the famous beginning lyrics “Jeremiah was a bullfrog, he was a good friend of mine”, this song is a seventies classic.
  • It’s Not Easy Being Green by Kermit the Frog (1970). Lamenting the difficulty of being green, Kermit eventually comes to appreciate his color and even becomes a powerful message about race.

Raise Awareness to Help to Save the Frogs

One thing that can be done is to find out what kind of frogs live in the local area and what kind of danger they may be facing. This can be done through research at a local library, or by connecting with a local conservation organization. Then, it would be a great idea to become an advocate for frogs by sharing this information with companies, neighbors, and friends, whether through word of mouth or social media.

Along with this, it would be important to try to develop an action plan to ensure that the community will enjoy the benefits of a frog-filled environment for generations to come. Once these local problems have been tackled, then it’s time to move on to the world!

Make a Donation to Save the Frogs

Helping to Save the Frogs might not be something that everyone can do in their local area, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing that can be done! Making a financial donation to one of these frog saving organizations is a great way to get involved:

  • SAVE THE FROGS! Founded in 2008 by an amphibian biologist, staff and volunteers help to educate and through events in more than 50 countries.
  • Amphibian Foundation. This organization is dedicated to connecting people to implement changes to help stop the global amphibian extinction crisis.
  • RainForest Trust. This conservation action organization recognizes the critical role that frogs play as “indicator species”.
  • Frog Life. This national wildlife conservation charity works to conserve the UK’s amphibian and reptile species as well as the habitats associated with them.

Save The Frogs Day FAQs

What is Save the Frogs Day?

Save the Frogs Day works to raise awareness and educate about the need for conservation efforts to protect endangered frog species.[1]

When is Save the Frogs Day celebrated?

Save the Frogs Day used to fall on the last Saturday of April each year but, since 2023, now occurs annually on April 28th.[2]

How to celebrate Save the Frogs Day?

Save the Frogs Day can be celebrated by raising awareness and working to make the world a better place for frogs.[3]

Why do frogs need saving?

Since the 1970s, at least 200 species of frogs have been lost, and many more will be in the future without conservation and education.[4]

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