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Having friends is a huge blessing in anyone’s life, but having a mysterious Secret Pal can be a fun, adventurous mystery all throughout the year. And today is the start of it all, because it’s Secret Pal Day!

History of Secret Pal Day

The idea of the Secret Pal program goes back several decades and has been celebrated between groups of friends, coworkers or people from a community organization for years. Similar to the idea of a Secret Santa, the Secret Pal is a person who sends kind gifts and cards to their “pal” all throughout the year.

January 11 is the day of the year when a Secret Pal program has their kickoff party and each participant chooses, or is assigned, the name of their Secret Pal. If the people in the group do not know each other well, they can share some personal information about themselves so that their Secret Pal can delight them accordingly. For instance, they can share what their favorite sweet treat or candy is, if they have a favorite animal or mascot, or which type of flower they love most.

Of course, Secret Pal Day doesn’t have to be a group activity. It can simply be an individual person who decides they are going to be a secret blessing to someone special all throughout the year.

Secret Pal Day can be the kickoff of a year full of encouraging another person in small little ways, but trying not to give away your own identity in the process!

How to Celebrate Secret Pal Day

Consider some of these fun ways to celebrate Secret Pal Day on this day and then all throughout the year:

Choose a Secret Pal

Those who are in a program can simply choose the name of someone at their Secret Pal name exchange party. For a person who is going renegade on Secret Pal Day, simply choose a friend, neighbor or coworker who may have been through a difficult time and could use a little bit of encouragement.

Plan Some Secret Pal Gifts

Spend some time on Secret Pal Day preparing and scheming for the year to quietly let that Secret Pal know how much they are cared for. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but some supplies might be helpful, like notecards and envelopes, pens, stickers, stamps, post-it notes and more. Write out some notes to surprise them with on different holidays or “just because”. And don’t forget to take note of when their birthday is and leave them a special gift then.

Then, make a list of ideas for monthly gifts for the person. Plan to make them some homemade cookies or brownies, send them a basket of fresh fruit or just tuck some treats into an envelope for their sweet tooth. Choose simple and easy season ideas such as nail polish for summer toes, a stuffed bunny for springtime or a pumpkin decoration for the autumn season.

The most important aspect of Secret Pal Day is being sneaky and keeping the secret every month until the big reveal party at the end of the year!

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