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As an independent country, Sudan’s government has been rife with struggles over power and control, causing an extreme amount of suffering to so many people. On Sudan National Day, it is important to remember the difficulties these people have been through and stand with the Sudanese people in hopes for a better day. 

History of Sudan National Day

Located in North Africa, the Republic of Sudan is a country that was under British Rule as a colony for several decades, and in a union with Egypt for more than 130 years, before declaring its independence. This took place over three years, launched by a treaty signed between the governments of Egypt and the UK in early 1953 and ending with Sudanese Independence Day on January 1, 1956.

Sadly, since their independence, the country’s history has been marked with disunity that has included various army coups, insurrections and civil war. The conflict has resulted in many war crimes and suffering, having a devastating impact on the culture and people of this area. Today, as part of a large diaspora, more than 1.7 million Sudanese people live outside of the country in various places around the globe.

In 2023, the United States issued a statement welcoming a political process that would aim to bring peace and restore the democratic transition in Sudan. But the warring parties have continued to make radical decisions that wreak havoc on the country. The US continues to stand with the people of Sudan, calling for an end to the war and ushering in peace, security and stability for the nation.

Sudan National Day serves as a reminder that the Sudanese people are in need of support and care because of what they have suffered, and that they deserve to live in freedom in their own land.

How to Observing Sudan National Day

People who are interested in or connected to Sudan in some way might consider observing Sudan National Day with some celebrations that include some of these ideas:

Host a Sudan National Day Gathering

Those Sudanese who have left Sudan but still have friends and family members there may experience feelings of ambivalence on this holiday due to things that have been left behind. Still, it might be appropriate to honor Sudan National Day with a gathering of close friends or family who can enjoy a meal together and remember the continued desire for freedom and peace.

Learn About Sudanese Culture 

An important part of celebrating events all over the world is to tear down barriers between people and cultures. Parents and teachers of social studies can take this opportunity to provide lessons on the culture of Sudan. Consider some of these interesting bits of information in honor of Sudan National Day:

  • Sudan in the largest country in Africa

  • This country has a huge amount of diversity, with 2 official languages but more than 100 indigenous languages that are spoken

  • Most of the people in Sudan adhere to Islamic religious beliefs that coexist with many traditional local religious practices

  • Sudan shares a border with nine other countries, including Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt and Chad

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