Quick Facts

April 15th

Learn about Take A Wild Guess Day

There’s no prize for guessing what we’re celebrating today! As your intuition might just have told you, it’s Take A Wild Guess Day – which does exactly what it says on the tin. The aim is to turn the spotlight on hunches, brilliant leaps of deduction and outright guesswork.

Creator of the day Jim Barber made a lucky guess that it would be a hit – and he proved to be right, as many people have joined in celebrating the occasion. He decided the day should coincide with National Tax Day in the US, when information filed has to be exact. It makes a refreshing change from adding up rows of figures to give your imagination free rein.

A good way to mark the day is to make a fun bet with a friend, or guess the answer for a competition. Do you feel lucky? Then maybe you will be!