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Anyone for a delightful mix of cream whipped to perfection with sweet mascarpone cheese and then layered with ladyfingers soaked in espresso and amaretto? Yes please! 

That’s the perfect answer, because it’s time for Tiramisu Day!

History of Tiramisu Day

As Italian traditions go, tiramisu is a fairly recent one, dating only back to the middle of the 20th century and emerging from the northeastern parts of Italy. Its popularity grew from small towns into Treviso, Venice, Rome and then all over the world. With international interpretations of this dessert made from coffee-soaked lady fingers that are present on every continent, it is certainly a dish worth celebrating!

The first celebration of Tiramisu Day was held in 2017, as a nod to the dessert from Clara and Gigi Padovani. These two are Italian food writers, journalists, and the authors of the book called “Tiramisu: History, Curiosity and Interpretations of the Most Loved Italian Dessert”, as well as more than twenty other books about foods of the Italian persuasion. The Padovanis felt that this exquisite dessert deserved a bit more attention, gaining its own day of celebration, and so this day was born through the delightful Italian restaurant, Eataly Trieste.

And the reason Tiramisu Day takes place on March 21st? It’s simple! The Padovanis believed there could be no better way to leave the winter blahs behind and celebrate the coming of spring than with a beautiful dish of tiramisu. Sometimes called World Tiramisu Day, this event offers a delightful opportunity for culinary experts, dessert lovers and Italian aficionados alike to celebrate and enjoy!

How to Celebrate Tiramisu Day

Those taste buds will be super excited about different opportunities for observing Tiramisu Day! Get started with some of these plans and ideas:

Enjoy Tiramisu

As with most food days, the best and most enjoyable way to celebrate Tiramisu Day would be to enjoy eating some! Scoop up a delicious forkful of this delightful coffee and amaretto flavored dessert, topped with whippy cream and cocoa powder. It’s light and airy, but with flavors that blend together perfectly.

One of the best places to find a plate of tiramisu on this day might be to order one up from a local Italian eatery, or place an order with a local bakery. Some restaurants might even offer a special in honor of the day!

Try Making Tiramisu

While many people might be intimidated by the recipes for this scrumptious dish, it really doesn’t have to be that hard! It is a bit fussy and requires some time and attention, but it’s totally doable for anyone with some basic skills and kitchen tools on hand. It doesn’t even require baking! Why not try making it in honor of Tiramisu Day?

A wide range of variations exist for tiramisu recipes, from simple to complicated. For novices, it may be best to start with an easy one and then experiment from there. Some of the main ingredients required for tiramisu include espresso or coffee, ladyfingers, eggs, rum or amaretto, mascarpone cheese, heavy cream, sugar and cocoa powder. Some people also like to add flavors of lemon or orange to add a bit of citrus zing.

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