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Have you ever stood in front of your closet, staring at your collection of shoes, and wondered… Which of these is actually appropriate for me to wear today? The red flats? The white pumps? The lavender trainers? What if you could just wear… whatever caught your eye? Even if it was two different colored shoes? In fact… What if that was actually preferable? Sound like a madcap shoe-color heaven? We certainly think so!

Unless you’ve always been one to favor the Avant-Garde and have a few pairs of a-symmetrical different colored shoes in your closet, the likelihood is that you may have never known the pleasure of wearing two different colored and completely odd shoes before. Well for one day a year, your dreams of wearing two different colored shoes, and not being judged for it, can become a reality, thanks to National Two Different Colored Shoes Day.

Whether you’re going to work, heading to school, attending a party or are simply lounging around the house, today’s the day to pick out two different shoes from the wackiest pairs you own and to wear them oddly with pride, because National Two Different Colored Shoes Day celebrates diversity, and as a result, it’s an absolute favorite of ours! Here’s a little more information about this crazy event.

History of National Two Different Colored Shoes Day

You’d be forgiven for thinking that National Two Different Colored Shoes Day must have been an event that was created by accident. Perhaps someone woke up tired and accidentally went to work in odd shoes and made the day up to cover their mistake? Or maybe the day was devised by shoe companies in an attempt to sell more brightly colored and crazy shoes? But the truth is that neither of those scenarios is true and the day was in fact created by an inspirational woman who was simply sick and tired of conforming to societal norms – what a woman!

Dr. Arlene Kaiser created this quirky celebration to laud the diversity and differences that make humans great. Could you imagine how boring the world would be if everyone was homogenous? Just row after row of the same houses, the same clothes, the same people, the same religions and philosophies everywhere you go? Neither could Dr. Kaiser, at least not without cringing, and so as a small demonstration of her love of differences, she started wearing two different colored shoes two or three times a week while simply going about her normal day.

What started out as a simple demonstration of differences a few days a week by one person soon got people talking, and once people start talking things can move very quickly. Before she knew what was happening, Dr. Arlene Kaiser’s simple demonstration had become a celebrated event, and National Two Different Colored Shoes Day was born!

In a short space of time, people from all walks of life and of all ages were joining Dr. Arlene to celebrate their differences by wearing two different colored shoes, and as the profile of the day grew, it spread overseas and was picked up by like-minded individuals from all over the world. So who knows, if you’re celebrating the day abroad, you may not be alone!

So who is Dr. Arlene Kaiser?

Now you may be wondering “who is this magical woman? Tell me more about her!” So here it goes. Dr. Arleen Kaiser is an educator at heart and has taught more than 4000 students in her time. With more than one string to her bow, Dr. Arleen is also an actress and is still a member of the Screen Actors Guild to this day.

She’s also a public speaker and now offers presentations and coaching services to both business and personal clients. But aside from her impressive career, what makes Dr. Arleen so special is her love for diversity and she can always be found encouraging people to be who they are and not to concern themselves with being what society tells them they should be. Diversification and walking your own walk are central to her philosophies, and she hopes to inspire the world in little ways every day. When she’s not public speaking or inspiring people to embrace their differences, Dr. Arlene’s idea of fun includes swimming, snorkeling, and playing board games and she’s a fan of horses and equestrian sports too. From what we can gather, she sounds like one hell of a woman.

How to celebrate National Two Different Colored Shoes Day

Well first off, wear two different colored shoes! (However, it is very important that they are both the same type of shoe — wearing two different types of shoe can affect balance and stability which can increase the risk of falls and other foot related injury.) If you’re feeling brave then go all out and wear strikingly different colors that will demand attention, or, if you’re not so keen on being the center of attention then give a nod to the day by wearing a more subtly odd assortment of blacks or browns. Remember that National Two Different Colored Shoes Day is about celebrating your individuality, so wear whatever takes your fancy, don’t hide your strangeness, and let your freak flag fly. The world can use a little more color, and there’s nothing wrong with everyone being as diverse and as different as they are. There are so many wonderful things to celebrate about our various cultures, backgrounds, religions, and every other aspect of us that makes us unique. Two Different Shoes Day is the perfect excuse to show the world your true colors and to take pride in everything that makes you unique.

Of course, not everyone’s employer or school will want to get behind National Two Different Colored Shoes Day – spoilsports – but whether you are able to wear two different colored shoes or not, you can still embody the essence of the day by bringing your weird and unique side through in other ways. If you have to wear a uniform to school or work, then be discreet with a vibrant handkerchief, a pair of odd socks or some wacky underpants! And don’t forget that you can always honor the day in your own time by wearing two different colored shoes whilst at home later in the day.

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