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Have you ever stood in front of your closet, staring at your collection of shoes, and wondered… Which of these are actually appropriate for wear today? The red flats? The white pumps? The lavender cross-trainers? What if you could just wear… whatever caught your eye? Even if it was two different colors? In fact… What if that was actually preferable? Sound like a madcap shoe-color heaven? We certainly think so! Two Different Colored Shoes Day celebrates diversity by wearing shoes of a different color, and as a result it’s an absolute favorite of ours!

History of Two Different Colored Shoes Day

Dr Arlene Kaiser created this quirky celebration to laud the diversity and differences that make humans great. Could you imagine how boring the world would be if everyone was homogenous? Just row after row of the same houses, the same clothes, the same people, the same religions and philosophies everywhere you go? Neither could Dr. Kaiser, at least not without cringing. As a small demonstration of her love of differences, she started wearing two different colored shoes two or three times a week.

A simple demonstration, perhaps. But it got people talking, and talking led to awareness, and awareness led to celebration and the creation of this most excellent of holidays! Dr. Arlene Kaiser is a huge proponent of education, and has taught more than 4000 students in her time, showing through doing. “Walking her talk” is central to her philosophy and her approach to the world at large.

She encourages people to be who they are, not to concern themselves with being what society tells them they should be. Diversification and walking your own walk are central to her philosophies, and she hopes to inspire the world in little ways every day.

How to celebrate Two Different Colored Shoes Day

Well first off, wear two different colored shoes! Then just carry that oddity on through the rest of your day. Do what suits you, don’t hide your strangeness, and let your freak flag fly. The world can use a little color, and there’s nothing wrong with everyone being as diverse and as different as they are. There is so many wonderful things to celebrate about our various cultures, backgrounds, religions, and every other aspect of makes us unique. Two Different Shoes Day is your reason to show the world your true colors, and to take pride in everything that makes you unique.