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UK Coffee Week is a lively celebration of the UK’s coffee culture. For one week, coffee lovers, shops, and roasters unite to enjoy their favorite brews while supporting a great cause.

The event is filled with various activities and events, all aimed at bringing people together over their shared love for coffee​.

The main reason for celebrating UK Coffee Week is to raise funds for Project Waterfall. This initiative provides clean water and sanitation to coffee-growing communities around the world.

Many of these communities struggle with access to clean water, and the funds raised help improve their living conditions​​.

Participating in UK Coffee Week also benefits local businesses. Coffee shops and roasters see increased customer engagement and foot traffic.

It’s a win-win, as customers get to enjoy special coffee-themed events while supporting an important cause. The week highlights the coffee industry’s role in fostering community and ethical practices.

History UK Coffee Week

UK Coffee Week began in 2011. The Allegra Foundation, a charity organization, initiated this event. They aimed to bring the coffee industry together for a good cause.

The goal was to support Project Waterfall, which provides clean water and sanitation to coffee-growing communities​.

The first UK Coffee Week raised over £19,000. This early success highlighted the community’s generosity and the importance of the cause. Since then, the event has grown significantly. Each year, more coffee shops, roasters, and coffee lovers join in to raise funds​.

Project Waterfall, the main beneficiary, focuses on improving the lives of people in coffee-growing regions.

The funds raised during UK Coffee Week help build water projects in countries like Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania. This support has transformed many communities by providing essential resources and education​.

How to Celebrate UK Coffee Week

Try a New Brew

Explore new coffee flavors this week. Visit local cafes offering special blends and unique brewing methods.

Sip on a nitro cold brew or a rich Ethiopian pour-over. Discover your next favorite cup!

Host a Coffee Tasting Party

Invite friends over for a coffee-tasting event. Everyone brings their favorite blend. Set up tasting stations with different beans and brewing styles.

Compare notes and vote on the best brew. It’s like a wine tasting, but caffeinated!

Participate in a Coffee Quiz

Test your coffee knowledge with a fun quiz night. Host a trivia game focused on coffee facts, history, and famous coffee regions.

The winner gets a special coffee-themed prize. It’s educational and deliciously competitive.

Create Coffee Art

Try your hand at latte art. Grab some steamed milk and espresso, and get creative. Practice making hearts, leaves, and other fun designs.

Share your creations on social media using #UKCoffeeWeek. Art and coffee are a perfect blend!

Support Coffee Causes

Buy your coffee from shops participating in the UK Coffee Week. Many donate a portion of sales to Project Waterfall.

Enjoy your coffee, knowing it’s helping to provide clean water to coffee-growing communities.

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