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No matter whether you have been married for one year, ten years, or 50 years, you need to appreciate your wife. You need to show her how much she means to you. Of course, for some men, this can come naturally. For others, it can be difficult. It’s not because of a character flaw or an error on your behalf. It’s simply because some men don’t like to show their feelings or they find it difficult to communicate with them. We feel you, but on Wife Appreciation Day, you have the perfect excuse to make sure that your wife knows how much she is appreciated.

Learn about Wife Appreciation Day

Husbands learn that being a real man means no matter how long he’s been married to his wife, he can still open doors for her, give her a tender kiss unexpectedly, bring her flowers, or simply spend quality time with her just to let her know how much she means to him.

Wife Appreciation Day is about showing your wife how much you love her and how much she means to you. We often don’t tell people we appreciate them enough! When you have been with someone for quite some time, it can be easy to overlook all of the things they do. Whether this is cooking you a meal in the evening or making you smile on a daily basis, it is important to reflect on how much your wife brings to your life and make her aware of this.

Buying a ring for your partner to show love and appreciation is an age old tradition; not just for an engagement or wedding, but for anniversaries too. In fact, a lot of people are astounded by how long this has been occurring. It dates as far back as the second century BC. The act of giving a ring as a representation of love was done by a comic Roman poet known as Plautus. Only a couple of years later, in the fourth century, the act was Christianized.

History of Wife Appreciation Day

Wife Appreciation Day is an exciting event that gives husbands a chance to demonstrate just how much they love and appreciate their wife. It has been listed in Chase’s Calendar of Annual Events since it was first established and has been hugely popular ever since.

There are so many things that a supportive and loving wife does for her husband, and this is a chance for husbands to look back and remember all the big and little things that add up to so much.

How to celebrate Wife Appreciation Day

Husbands may want to order a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers, and/or arrange a fabulous surprise, such as making a reservation at her special restaurant, booking to see a spectacular show; or taking her on a romantic mini-break. Alternatively, they may want to get her a gift of designer perfume or a unique piece of jewelry, both of which are always gratefully received!

If you want to do something romantic for your partner, rose petals should certainly be involved! However, there is a lot more you can do with rose petals than simply scattering a few on top of your bed. First and foremost, one of the cutest and most surprising ways to use rose petals is to empty one of your partner’s drawers she uses on a daily basis, such as her underwear drawer. You can then fill the drawer with rose petals and other little treats. Or, why not leave petal notes around the house or inside a book they are reading? You can write little romantic notes on a number of petals. This is much easier to do with petals from silk flowers as opposed to fresh flowers.

Instead of using rose petals in the bedroom, another idea is to cook your partner a romantic meal and use petals to adorn the table. If you are giving your loved one a gift, filling the box with rose petals is always a beautiful gesture. Another lovely way of using petals from silk roses is to fill your partner a lovely bubble bath when they get in from work, sprinkle some petals and place candles around the tub. You can also place petals carefully in a way to display your emotions, i.e. you could place them in the shape of a heart or you could spell out ‘I love you’

Why not purchase a ring for your partner? This could be a special gift or to renew your vows! When purchasing a ring, you need to consider what the style of ring symbolises. After all, this is what a ring is all about. One of the most popular styles is undoubtedly the three-stone ring. A lot of people like this ring because the three stones are a representation of the past, present and the future. Another popular option is to go for a diamond band. This is a well-liked choice because people believe the complete set of diamonds symbolises the eternal nature of you and your partner’s love. In addition to this you could always opt for a gemstone ring and select the gemstone based on its meaning.

Aside from symbolisation, what else should you consider when purchasing a diamond ring for your partner? The metal of the ring is an important thing to take into account. From white gold, to titanium, to yellow gold, to silver; the options are endless. It is recommended that you opt for something that matches in with the metal your partner usually wears in relation to her everyday jewellery. You should also consider going down the custom made route. By doing this you can have a ring that is completely tailor made to suit your partner. This ensures that you have something created that they will love. You can even incorporate your own unique symbolisation as well. Furthermore, the ring is going to mean a lot more when it is the only one in the world.

Of course, you do not need to spend a fortune in order to show your wife how much you love and appreciate her. There are plenty of other ways you can do this. Why not write her a heartfelt poem for example? This is something that will be appreciated just as much as any material gift, if not more! If you’re not good with words, it can be difficult to convey how you are feeling, but we definitely recommend trying to put together something yourself. Yes, there are some great poems online that you can use, but at least make sure they are combined with a sentence or two of your own so that there is a personal element that is special to your relationship.

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