Romance awareness month is a great way to bring a spark back to your relationship if you feel like you are getting a bit stagnate. Be assured that romance is not dead and there are some super simple ways in which you can bring your a little romance back into your life. one of the simplest ways is to buy a little gift for your significant other. Everyone has there own taste in what they would like as  a gift but here are a few ideas to get you going

Gifts for a music lover:

  • Concert tickets to their favorite band.
  • An iTunes gift card so that they can buy that album that they have been waiting to get.
  • A new CD of their favorite band, Why not go old school and buy a record player with a vinyls on the side.
  • A DVD of a concert of his/her favorite band that they missed.
  • You could even get him/her a bobble-head of their favorite musician.

Gifts for a food lover:

  • The latest cookbook from their favorite Chef.
  • What about a subscription to a cooking magazine.
  • Take them on a date night to new restaurant in town.
  • Fancy bottle of wine paired with their favorite delicious cheese.
  • Why not treat them to a new cooking gadget.

Gifts for a book lover:

  • Have they been eyeing up the newest e-reader, why not buy them its as a surprise.
  • Not into e-readers why not buy a personalized bookmark.
  • What to get something super special how about a signed copy or first edition of a book.
  • Not sure what book they are wanting to read next try getting them a gift card to a book store.
  • How about a surprise trip to a reading by his or her favorite author.

Gifts for a fashion lover:

  • Baffled by what to buy them why not a gift card to his or her favorite store.
  • Or if you want to join them why not take them on a shopping trip and offer to pay.
  • Have they been eyeing up a new pair of shoes, treat them.
  • Want a more unique present how about tickets to a fashion show.

The list could go on as to what you could get your significant other. So why not find that special gift that surprises your other half and truly make’s their day!

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